Are there any plans to change challenge event reward structures?

Currently it doesn’t make a ton of sense to compete for Top 10, or even Top 100. The rewards just aren’t that great for having to burn so many flasks/refills. I was wondering if there was any discussion/consideration going towards changing the rewards… expanding out the ranks from 1st only to 1-5, or top 10 to top 50?



We know that the general structure of challenge events is being considered.

You’re right, that as they are currently set our, it requires a huge amount of planning and resource to be competitive in events. Some people love/hate this, but with millions of players, top 10 finishes are well beyond nearly everyone.

Huh, interesting. I wonder what they’ll come up with.

Honestly, I don’t mind that it takes some mats and planning, but it seems to be completely out of reach for basically everyone.

We see a hint of it in raid tournaments - top 1% makes a lot - LOT - more sense in a game of millions of players than top 10, unless those top 10 rewards exceed the requirements to win it.

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Oh man I hope it goes that route. Percentage based would be… well, doable. Even if it was top 0.1%.

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I’ve posted some of the resources and WE flasks needed for my top 50/100 finishes on rare/epic, and they are doable to replenish almost every month. But top 10 is out of the question without EXTREME world energy refill buys, especially as it has become more competitive every month

Yeah, that’s been my understanding, too. A few people in my alliance got top 100 this round, and a few people in some of the alliance family got top 10. The amount of refills they used was crazy.

From a business perspective, it works just perfect for them.

All the people you see on top 10 has spent a lot of refills to get up there, even more if they are in multiple charts.

That’s my second time i tried all three without any refills or flask. I landed in top 100 in one, but the other two was simply impossible due lack of retry (expecially because gem II quest is always up during events, and a F2P can’t skip it :sweat_smile:)

So i finished top 100 in one, about 200 in the other two.

As things are now, it is more convenient for me using all my flasks on atlantis raising rather then test my luck on the event.

I really hope they change things, but i don’t think they do.

Making it extremely competitive help them making it extremely profitable too.

Should be fair for everyone! Look at top 3 from every level: there are only old guys with levels above 40!!! If you think right they don’t need anymore those rewards! So, what is the purpose of the challenge event?!?..:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: i simply don’t know…

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