Are there any Line groups for mercenaries?

Would appreciate pointers. Thanks in advance!

Global chat muawhahaha

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There are some line groups. Whether for mercenaries I don’t know. But I would appreciate it if mercenaries would vote beforehand whether they are welcome. :angry:

Line groups specifically muawhahaha

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Mercenaries are welcomed by post for help in Global chat, hence misplaced viewpoint

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No, we had several mercs who didn’t ask if they were welcome, stole our Titan and left without a word.

Btw, use the forum search.

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Change your alliance type to ‘invite’ only

I found this to be interesting:

And a line group might be a good idea …perhaps you could start one.

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Surprised, small alliances are of no use generally since they battle weaker Titans
The most important takeaway is completion of PoV task & that requires Titans to be 6 stars or above

It’s not a negative point of view, just a negative experience. If novices don’t get a chance to attack the titan because a merc has killed him before then that’s nothing but stealing.
There is nothing wrong with your help if it is desired.


I was specifically referring to the OP post. It was imo very balanced and fair.

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Yes. There are a few. I am in one of them.

If you want to join one of them, I need your line ID. Then I can forward to the line chat admin to add you in.

From that one merc chat, you can request to be added to other merc line group chats.


I know what you mean.

I had to “mediate” one of these intrusions before.

My advice was to switch to : invite only, especially during Easy POV where there is no * assigned to a Titan kill for pov credit.

I have no idea if aggrieved leader took my advice, even just for easy POV.

Incidentally Easy POV is next. So you may want to raise up your titan barrier.


Invite only doesnt stop you from accepting and helping newer players. It just lets you have a quick look at skmekne before letting then come in.

If someone looks far to strong to be cohesive you decline.

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@BlackZed Can you add me too? Line ID gregschen. Thanks!

Wanted to add that it’s the Peer Suport tab in the in-game global chat which is best for this purpose.

Okay. Please wait for Bob to beep you

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Please add me. my line id is ep_zapper

Okay. I will let Bob know.