Are there any current posts on enemy spies- Lists must be off forum [see Moderator response]

We had someone join right before War sorting, and left right before War. We now have a non member who won’t be replacing the points he’ll cost us.

Forum Rules prohibit naming and shaming, so collecting player names for people who join an alliance before War to gather information or sabotage flags isn’t allowed on the Forum.

There are, however, lists of such players kept on many Line, Discord, Facebook, and other player groups.

It’s within Forum Rules to list how to join those groups, so long as no lists of players are posted, and no links to lists of players are shared on the Forum.


If it makes you feel better, we booted 2 people right before war started and still won despite being down 12 flags. We’ve won a couple others being down 6 flags as well(apparently i have a low douche tolerance and np risking a loss if it means less drama and stupidity)


Thanks @zephyr1 and @Rigs. It’s kind of odd, I saw line of complaints here last night and thought of our newest who hadn’t communicated but joined the War. And I didn’t save the link :persevere:. Can you please share that and any other links with me please.
Many Thanks again

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I’d think they would have a difficult time knowing who they were fighting before matchmaking was complete? Unless there’s a way to tell I’m not aware of?
We’ve had similar things happen such as someone joking right before the war began then leaving the minute the war was over.
Although we mostly use LINE for war communication we do tend to mess with those we may suspect…come to think of it, maybe that’s why they leave so fast? Oops


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