Are the various trials worth the effort any more?

Ironically, 10 minutes after I say this an MV comes up and I get 30 'blems. RNG luck of the draw.


I like doing the trials as it changes it up a bit have x amount of hero’s to use for it.
Hero’s like skittles and awge ain’t the best but for me to complete trials I needed a cleric and a sorcerer they do damage so I leveled them bascially for that reason. Soon they will be replaced but served me well for the time.
Some of the emblems in top prizes I probably won’t see ever this still a good source of getting them plus it’s fun challenge as well.

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Personally, I have 51 WE max, so when I wake up in the morning, I can complete the monster chest by using autoplay on the first 2 levels, play the last level, and then autoplay 7-4 to finish it. If there are other events happening, I either autoplay them during the day, or time it so that I max my WE for the next monster chest. It’s not much effort really for me.



OK! so here’s my data which I have been collecting since January 2020

Or in Graph Form:

Breaking it down by Type of Emblem from each source:

Breaking it up by Emblem Type per Month:


Ok so the key takeaways from all this:

  1. Embem quantities have MASSIVELY spiked in October compared to previous months.
    I am already at 1033 emblems for October but we’re currently only 15 days into a 30 day month… Previous months I was getting (on average) 920 Emblems (including seasonal & PoV ones)

  2. Before Emblem Reward Changes in early October, Class Trials were FAR AND AWAY the best source of emblems. Followed by Event Completion Rewards.
    Class Trials (2808), Event Complete (1440), Mystic Vision (545), Tournament (501), PoV (440), Raid Chest (387), Elemental Chest (370) etc…
    So CLEARLY out in front

  3. AFTER Emlem Rewar Changes it isn’t QUITE clear which is going to be the best… I’ll need a full month of data to say for sure.
    BUT, extrapolating my data I expect that the new ranked order for Emblem Source will be:
    Event Completion > Class Trials > AL Shards > Tournaments > everything else in approx same order.

    • Event Completion is now finished for month at 450 Emblems (WOW!!)
    • AL Shards is 120 from 2 weeks. So can reasonably expect it to jump out to about 240-270 emblems
    • Class Trials is getting 44 emblems each Wednesday & 44 emblems on Sunday. There are 8x Wed & Sun in October. Means there will be a total of 352 Emblems
    • Tournaments, assuming you are top 1% each week, will net you (on average) 62.5 Emblems per week. Rounding to 4 tournaments a week & you have 250 emblems (not bad at all).


The TLDR is: Class Trials is still definitly worth doing as they are still the second best source of emblems in the game, based on my preliminary numbers.


So, the answer to my initial question, is Yes, Trials are worth completing. Thanks for the data @Guvnor, which backs the general consensus of the posters to date.


I have never gotten 20, most I ever get is one or two. Never not ever 20 emblems. Actually I dont see a difference in the number of emblems received. But congrats to those that do get twenty or more.

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The only time I got 30 emblems from mystic vision was the first MV I watched after the update heh… Now they seem to drop like before (1-3 if any)…

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