Are the sounds and fx in this game custom or are they modified from other games?

Hello SG. I wanted to know if your sound fx and graphic fx are custom made or are modifications from other games. I am one of the few who enjoys sound and graphics in my games (i play alot of video games as it is so) and I’ve been noticing a lot of similarities in hit sparks and sound before the hero does super move from various fighting video games. I went to my old computer where I had most of the sprite work and sounds and this is what I found

And this is a hit spark from one of fighting video games

I dont know how to upload sound bits here but sound FX are really close to each other from Capcom Vs. SNK 2

I just thought it was cool and wanted to ask where you guys got your vision from.

At the very least, the VIP dragon’s flame sound effect is the same as used in other games.

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