Are the rumours true about 6* heroes?

Looking for facts rather than a guess. I have asked small giant via email who told me they cant tell me the answer and to ask on forum. So here it goes. Is it true, the odds are bad enough for 5* and I have spent so so much money, thinking that am set for the game and can start spending less, but now I hear there will be 6* coming soon. Any enlightenment if it is true or not? Thanks in advance

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To the best of my knowledge this is pure speculation and there has been no statement on this matter by the devs.

I consider it highly unlikely and definitely unwise that 6* will be introduced into the game.


Dbc thanks mate am having I hate the game moment and was about to eat my heroes. If 6* heroes come out I would 100* quit


(First 6* Hero - #11 by Gryphonknight)

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Technically, it would require a lot of work and balancing; on the business front, I don’t think it will be a good idea at the moment.

Besides, at the long run, some fully emblem 5* would be more like 6*, so what’s the need?.


Yes, it is true.
Rumors that we are going to pay every log in 1 gem? Also true.

Small Giant beeing a secret organization trying to steal the Christmas? TOTALLY true.


I will definitely stop playing the game if 6* heroes are introduced.


If 6* heroes did come out, that’s it for me
I will sadly feed my less valuable 5s to 1s …it would be a good wasted 2 years.


We’re all just players here, so there are limited facts to answer your question. The only knowledge we have is an absence of evidence:

  1. There are no 6* heroes in beta, nor have we ever seen a glimpse of one.
  2. The lead developer didn’t mention 6* heroes as an area of future development in our last AMA session, although any such addition would require extensive changes in game mechanics.

That’s it. There was a flurry of concern about 6* heroes when we glimpsed some S2 hero stats that were clearly way higher than any 5*, but we now know that these were fully emblemed 5*.

While it’s entirely possible that S3 could introduce all sorts of changes, including 6* heroes, I think for now we have to say that any such rumors have no foundation.


Rumor has it, that there are some secret organizations planning to steal the moon during Christmas night…:rofl:

BTW if it’s not in beta, then it’s speculation.


yes. and their drop chance is 0.02%
750 gems to summon

Even the rumor is valid and will be in next beta after Seasson 3, I think it is okay as long as the introduction is balanced and smooth with the current systems.

Example, in Raid, we introduce new Area after Diamond, maybe 3000+ Thropy, and *6 heroes only allowed in that area. And we should set 2 defense, one for +3000 and one for bellow 3000.

And also *6 heroes should be 5 ascension step: 1.60, 2.70, 3.80, 4.90 and 5.100.
And also introduce new unfarmable material, and so on.

Although Rumours have no foundation ATM it wouldn’t surprise me if 6* heros do eventually come to add competition to the +20 heroes which are currently growing in numbers. These +20 emblemed hero owners will eventually want greater competition to keep playing but also SG will need to give these big spenders something else to keep spending their dough on.

This is called evolution

So although it may not be spoken about yet I wouldn’t be at all surprised when they show up, and notice I did say WHEN not If,lol.

As for those who say they will quite the game, based on human nature and the fact your still here wanting new heroes thus doing summons only means when these 6* come you will want them tooo,lol.


We have Rare, Epic and Legendary heroes. What’s should they call the 6* heroes,lol, may as well have some fun with it,lol

ULTIMATE! is my pick.

How about “Deity”?


Basically have them with the newer 5s, Devs are adding costumes to further upgrade the original 5s . The difference between this method and 6* heroes seems to just be labeling


This has to do with religion and Roman Christianity, don’t think it will cut much with unmentioned religions,lol,

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Mythic… 20 mythics



That is also my 5* drop rate haha

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Thanks everyone, i wouldnt have purchased so many gems and done so many summons had I known prior to it. Now I have spent so much it would be nice to think am set for a while and I can enjoy the game and let my bank balance relax. Odds constantly against you on this game. Good job the players are top draw and to the developers, you’ve bled me dry hope you are enjoying your yachts

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