Are the devs killing their own game?

Nah, e&p is not short for empires and patience, it is short for empires and purchases.

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Problem is patience wont get my anywhere in the game since its RNG.

If i cant get higher titans down because my alliance doesnt pay for the new heroes to gain 1-3 effects per ability and just struggle around with S1 none costum, heroes, we dont advance, we have been stuck at 8-10 star titans for the last year.

if I see tournaments with heroes doing as i said 1-3 effects while mine does just one simple and basic attack or heal, i cant get them down without some serious luck with my puzzles and not strategy. (Yes I am aware of RNG luck is always a part of this game)

It just bugs me, I am a gamer my whole life, yet i cant think of a reason why the developers are going wide instead of tall with their heroes, Why not have S1 heroes evolve into S2 into S3 etc instead of adding more and more and more and more and more and more heroes with more and more and more and more ability effects.

I dont get it, it hurts the game, it hurts new playes since what the hell are they suppose to do ( if they arent whales)


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RAZOR!!! Nice to see you back online! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For working on updating the hero database and the HeroUtility! I love the tool and look for to the update!

I hope all is well, and you are staying safe and healthy! I’ll look for your update on TM! :wink:

Sometimes I seriously wish all those Batman comics I had in the '60’s hadn’t gone missing when we moved.

Not to mention the bags and bags of hockey cards.

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Your new addiction will hold its value!
I considered this, but fear I need to win the lottery first…

I don’t know if you missed this terrible news… or not. But I thought you should be apprised.

Good to see you again and wish I had seen the Line appearance :disappointed:
I am much too removed these days, haven’t opened a monster chest in almost 2 months.

I am almost finished with the cabin!
Hence my desire for a library. I do have 4 of the From the Ashes series that would go nicely with a few NatGeo’s

Good luck @Razor.

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Always a pleasure to see ya my man. Thnx for the shout out and the uodated information. :slight_smile:

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LOL here is the edited out screenshot…

The usual “I’m Scary” notice ya know! Buahhhh ha ha ha. A couple of my voice to LINE’s were a bit over the top HA HA HA HA!

Proud of you @Pompitous - building the cabin is a HUGE Freelin Achievement! GRATS to your near finished progress. What an amazing ownership result of efforts, time and money.

Ohhh and yeah value holding is amazing, the collection market is at its height in my lifetime, I stumbled upon it in giving away about 30 books to a barber and their partner and a kid that drew them Spider-man that was hung on the wall… I had just starting moving forward with selling the entire lot of my collection for pennies on the dollar (I just figured the market was in the dumps as it was when IMAGE and Wizard as well over buying by investors basically sunk the value of all books at the time).

MARVELS success is a huge factor in all this with their big screen successes. DC hurt themselves with the same efforts but BATMAN still holds great value on main titles. I’m in the business of slabbing currently much of my high ends Spider-Man and all the offshoot symbiotics (Venom, Carnage, Scream, Toxin, Gwen-Spider etc) and Wolverine are the best holders of value and sky rocket with variant covers (especially Virgin Variants - where there is no text or logos on the books cover - just the ARTWORK and these go for high dollars at pre-sales and release - once graded tripling their ‘new’ value often).

I’ve learned alot. So with National Geographic was your idea of ownership or becoming a retailer? LOL, some know I respond in-line as I read. THE LIBRARY FOR THE CABIN I suspect. NICE on the Ashes series.

Thanks for the GL - I will become a major player in the Collectibles Market guranteed! Ha ha. Niche is currently Comics - it will extend.

Appreciate the chat - be sure to buy a lotto ticket @Pompitous you deserve to obtain your library and fill it with the books of desire. Just believe it to be and the universe will deliver it to you (just not necessarily in the way or path you might imagine). You just built a Fricken Cabin man!




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puts on editors hat

In column “MemberOf”, why do some heroes give their abilities (EL-Minion, EL-SSDef) instead of their group or location (Wonderland, etc.)?

Why are Season 1 heroes listed as “N/A”?

FLYINGHUGTACKLE!!! :grin: Have missed you.


Thank you @Razor for updating the hero database! Much appreciated! :wink::partying_face:

My topic has somehow derailed significantly… not sure why but thats okay…

I’ve lost 2 more members of my alliance due to the same issue i said, they cant compete against people with better heroes in every single war, they have S1 some S2. While the enemies have insane heroes.

They also feel as if its all pointless, new heroes added so fast that the only way to keep up is spend spend spend, which this developer seems to just want, more monies, instead of making a better game.


Sorry to read this. It’s not uncommon these days.

SGG is intent on $$$$ these days.

I hope you can fill up those vacancies quickly.

But I don’t get it, I’ve been spending less and less with every SGG shenanigans, starting since vela/ telluria, costumes and buffs for already strong heroes and now the mana link nerf… do they really create that many new users that it’s profitable to screw over their current player base?

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I dont think its creating new users at this point. It’s getting every potential dime from the largest spenders that are already here. With a falling player base, they may see this as the only road to continuous profit…and will ride the whales hard… as long as they can.

I think balance…you know…what made this game popular in the first place…would also do the trick. But, who am I to consider such things?


Well, quite simply put its a business that is focused on making money. If car makers were to always make a non improved version of last years model, they wouldn’t sell any cars. So, yea in order to keep the dough rolling in they need to make improved heroes. Why else would people throw their hard earned cash at them?

I get the frustration from a balance point of view. However, that’s not their view. Their view is based on numbers.


Well the problem is not so much the creation of new heroes (though power creep is a thing), it’s the nerfing post maxing of those heroes that ■■■■■■ people off.

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That is an incorrect comparison. A correct comparison, if we stick to cars, is if you buy a car, then they tell you after the fact that even though they told you it gets 30 miles to the gallon, you are actually only get 25, because they have to ‘adjust’ that. And if you want to continue to drive it daily, then you have to pay extra to upgrade it. O and the newer models are much more expensive, but for those who can afford them, they get priority when traveling and parking. Anyways…pissing off the players causing them to either leave, or stop spending, doesnt seem like a very good business model either, unless the goal is to just get as much money as possible right now, with no intentions of the game lasting.


They seem to target whales and slightly less rich, orca’s? Anyway, they can afford all these new heroes, pay for every ascension materials.

Today I calculated i need at least 60 rings to level my red heroes up to max, thats without the ones needed for other heroes so probly around 70.

I dont think i even collected that amount in my 3 years of playing. Its insanity. If the devs arent targeting a nice big payout everytime they add something then they are one of the worst devs out there. Which leads me to believe they target whales.

This game can be so much more… I would quit, but i invested a little bit into it. Plus i dont want to leave my alliance, even though many feel the same.


It’s not incorrect at all. The prices simply follow the influx, but the models stick to the same price flow each year. That’s why we have car classes from each brand. When it comes to mileage on a car (honestly not even sure why you would want to go there, but sure) the mileage is from their car test which is done in an enclosure indoor facility with no wind or any load of any kind. They are allowed to do so, and put their max number on the car specs. Don’t blame your car dealers or manufacturers for that, but your government for allowing it.

In all honesty it sounds like you’re just talking from your own point of view, and not actual fact based knowledge on the matter.

I made a very simply example that was based on very simplistic salesmodels used by every single business in the world with their mind set on money. If you disagree that’s fine, but you can’t shoot down facts.

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