Are the common (and most uncommon) Quests worth it for anyone?

First off - I’m NOT complaining about the frequency of rare/uncommon/common quests, so the 4 or 5 of you that attack everyone that has a complaint can save it this time. :neutral_face:

So - are the common quests worth it for players of any level? Peronally, the only common quests I ever do are the finding recruits one, and only if the timing is such that I’m low at that point. The crafting item and battle item ones seem like way too little reward for banners spent. When I do the math for the gaining experience one, it always seems like a better idea to just farm the world map. For uncommon, again I do the recruits one and sometimes the experience points if I am close to leveling up. I suppose it depends on if it’s a 3/4/8 banner or 6/10/12 banner setup (which both happen at the common level). It seems to me that the variation between common and rare quests is way too large. The common ones are mostly useless, and the rare ones are amazing. If they would bump up the common rewards and decrease the rare rewards (while tweaking the frequency rates) I would probably do a lot more quests. I would even consider them a welcome diversion from farming the same boring levels over and over and spend more flags for a bit more variation.

EDIT - I can see how the one that gives you gems would be valuable to someone that spends no money at all to buy gems. They cost a ton of banners, but if you need the gems it only costs you time.

Somebody did a dissection of all of these in terms of value proposition - I will try and see if I can find it.

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I did a search for “quests” before posting and didn’t see anything like that. If you find it, please share.

I also just want to know if people do the quests regardless if they are a good idea or not just out of boredom.

The article doesn’t mention the chances of getting Daily Summons and Epic Troop Summons which have been added. Hopefully the author of the article, or some other wonk (term of endearment not a dis) revisits the new items AND new Quests.

I tell my Alliance to complete every Quest. Glad there’s facts that largely backs up my theory.

At first glance, I don’t agree with about half of that analysis, but I have not run the actual numbers, so I could be just reacting. Perhaps that could be something I could do. I would report the actual XP gained, since that’s a selling point for several of those conclusions.

EDIT - on second thought, that would burn through way too much world energy, and I now see the XP reports on that analysis.

I always do:

Rare (duh)
Gems (duh)
Scavenge resources (coin - always need feeders)
Recruits common 1st stage (good value for TC20)
Uncommon recruits (they hide a troop token occasionally at completion)

Sometimes: crafting items or battle items uncommon

@poofsta - I don’t see daily drops other than the shown one on scavenge resources and troops drop is only uncommon recruits, and not always.

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Don’t do recruits one past 1st stage for the recruits. 8-7 Will give you more recruits per flag. Maybe someday, spg will address this


I only complete uncommon recruits if someone mentions they got the token either in this forum or on chat, which someone always does.

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Why hasn’t the basic recruits quest been fixed yet? It’s a pure n00b-bait as it is. Just increase the amounts of recruits, that can’t require more than 5 minutes of dev time.


Today I played for the first time Recruits II (Uncommen). I was supriced to find a Epic Troop Token in the last stage. The 80 Recruits I did use for training 40 1* Heroes. Next time I will play this quest again.
Most of de common quest asks lesser WE’s. Instead of 3,4,8 it is 3,4,6. This gives a lot more XP’s. A better reward then playing 20-4.

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It doesn’t always give an epic troop token, but if it’s every other time on average that’s pretty worth it.

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I see it as a gift of 200 gems :slight_smile:

I do almost a of them just because they are something different to do.

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You know, in the last 6 months I’ve finished every single quest that’s come along, even realizing that it may not be the most efficient use of World Energy. All except 1 gather iron quest when iron was already max and my lone forge was busy upgrading.

The only time I don’t do quests is iron or food when I am full. (Or when I am out of energy.) :grin:

When your out of Energy you can use food and iron,:grinning:
I play them both for the XP.

I just do all of them, except maybe during events, but I have so many world energy flasks saved up now, that I tend to do all the quests then too, lol. I have 37 world energy flags, so when I wake up I will fill a monster chest with levels from the quests and then make sure I have enough energy left to fill it with 8-7. When I am almost full, I will speed up my chest and repeat.

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Just got an epic summon token from the raid chest (which delivered Little John) and an epic troop token from Titan loot.

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