Are the bunnies worth spending diamonds for?

So lately I’ve been hearing good things about the bunnies (especially master lepus) and so now I’m wondering if I should do a 10x roll for them. Unfortunately I only have enough diamonds for one 10x pull…and I just pulled Jack with an epic hero token. Is it worth it or should I wait for the Knights of Avalon event? (I think they come up after this event…correct me if I’m wrong.) Also, since I did pull Jack, what do we think of him as a hero? Is he worth levelling??


To be the most effective with your gems, I’d say no. Especially if on a budget.
The knights event has great heroes all around 4* and 5* and you’ve got a good chance to get at least one of them in a 10 pull. The bunnies are fun but I don’t believe they are more useful than what you can get from Knights.

As for Jack, he’ll have a place on my province farming team (fast AOE? Heck yes!). I’m also rushing him to compete in the intermediate challenge during knights. It may be a secret but these bunnies are going to rock for speed runs in challenge events (high tile damage and fast specials). He’ll also serve me decently well for Wars too in my 2nd/3rd string.


Indeed it depends on your roster and your budget.
Lepus is a good hero, but not as good as Arthur if you want to bet your precious gems.
Same as Jack, a good hero but not good as Merlin or Lancelot.

But you need much luck to get a 5* with a single 10x summon, so do what you feel like you get most luck :grin: