Are small giants messing with the hero drop rate

I’ve been playing this game for well over a year now and needless to say I’ve invested a fair bit of money into the game in order to get better hero’s and boost my roster!! I decided to start saving my gems until I had a grand total of just under 12,000 to allow me to do a 30 pull at the Atlantis gate, not only that I saved up 7 Epic hero tokens to use along side, and I even saved up 1000 Atlantis coins!! ALL TO TRY AND GET MY FIRST HERO OF THE MONTH!! Need less to say after doing a total of 60+ pulls my rewards were a hell of a lot of 3*’s and a good amount of 4*’s and ONE 5* - invade you missed the point:


What make it worse is people are doing ten pulls and getting double bonus draws!!! Absolutely fuming with the devs!!!



Evelyn is a 1.3% draw probability. That means that the average number of draws to pull her is 77. But since it’s random, it could easily take a lot fewer or a lot more. That’s just the way that a truly random system with fairly low probabilities works.

At 60 draws, your chance of getting at least one Evelyn was only 54%, so it was roughly a coin toss. Losing a coin toss isn’t surprising (although it may be very frustrating if you spent over $100 on that coin toss).


That’s my point the drop rate is ridiculous considering people somethings get 2 HOTMs in one 10 pull - where’s the logic in that?

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The logic is that you’re spending for a chance to win an Evelyn on every pull, and sometimes you get lucky twice within 10 tries. Think about it like playing a slot machine. Would you want the slot machine to stop paying out jackpots just because you won one on the last pull?

Games like this, you have to be ok with the idea that your money doesn’t buy certainty. There’s just no amount of money you can spend to 100% guarantee getting any particular hero.


The drop rates are random. I did the 30x pull at Atlantis and got a bunch of 4’s, Musashi, 3 (yes 3!) Kageburados, and Evelyn as a bonus. I will never get all the tabards to ascend 3.

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The logic simply is its random which makes it fair. That is frustrating but a truly random system does bring some balance to the game. I say some because someone with deep pockets could spend a few grand and get what ever they wanted out of the summon’s portal. I mean there no real way to stop people with globs of money form getting what they want. They used a diminishing returns system. There would be people that would farm it. Think about someone having a 5x’s team with like Guinevere or 5x’s team with Khiona. I shudder to think of how much damage teams like that could do and how easy they be to get for the top 1% willing to spend few grand to get them.

I’ve gone through over 41k gems this month between Avalon, Seasonal and the Atlantis pulls (500 Atlantis tokens too)

3 Evelyns


Magni, Elena, Domitia

That’s all the 5* I have gotten for a small fortune’s worth chasing Guinever, Arthur, Mother North and Kage.

I’m grateful for what I do have and I’m not regretting what I don’t. I did all of the stockpiling and pulling knowing full well what my odds are. Make peace with it my friend, there is no cheating, only luck!


I’m in a similar boat. Trade you 4 Evelyns for a Magni? :laughing:

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It’s similar (not exactly the same, but it gives an idea) to a lottery. You may buy hundreds of tickets, but the first prize is won by someone who bought just a couple of tickets. Where’s the logic in that? No logic, just luck. Remember The Dark Knight’s Harvey Dent? “The world is cruel. And the only morality in a cruel world is chance. Unbiased, unprejudiced, fair.”


@Sherrrp PATIENCE you seem to have alot of it to save that many gems.

Don’t worry your day is coming and the rewards will be well worth it


There is nothing to say but : it’s all about luck.

Look at me : yesterday, did 53 pulls to get Kageburado. I didn’t get him. Got Azlar with the first 52 pulls, then Evelynn at the last one (HOW LUCKY).

But none Kageburado.

A friend did a x 10 yesterday, 2h after me. Just with those 10 pulls, she gots Evelynn + Kageburado.

It’s just… Random.


That’s why I had the idea of giving a long mission to us. It would take, say, one year to get ONE hero we would love to have.

See my thread and support it if you like :wink:

I started playing this game on Dec. 9 this month my first Atlantis Summoning and I get on a 10x pull, 100 Atlantis coin pull, and 700 gems

5* Evelyn (bonus at the end)

4* Proteus, Kelile, Ameonna(x2), Chao, Sabina

3* Melia, Chochin, Mnessues(x3), Gill-Ra

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Before xMas I pulled 10 heroes to get Mother North.
Afterwards I had 5 Rudolphs and some regular 3 and 4 *.
From the xMas coin I got Mother North just by one pull.
You dont have to pay, you can also get 4 and 5 * fo free.
But if you cant wait you have to pay.
Only a little expensive - 60% would be great.
The proggers wouldnt hunger anyway I think :wink:

I counter offer with Drake x2, Horghall, Domitia, Isarnia, Obakan and a ton of 4*s I’ll never be able to level. That little blue imp has evaded me for way too long :rofl:

Quit driving up the prices!!! :laughing:

We really need a “gently used heroes” thrift shop. Of course, there’d be like 432 Obakans and Quintuses sitting right inside the front door…


Be careful what you wish for. :rofl:


Looks more like a Hero Shelter for those looking to adopt one.

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It’s Obakan and Quintas. I think adoption is an applicable term. :rofl:

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