Are seasonal heroes also in the atlantis and event portals?

Hey everyone! With so many events this month and no epic hero tokens left, it occured to me that with the seasonal heroes in the regular epic hero portal, they could be in the other portals as well, since those portals have the regular heroes from the epic portal. I sincerely doubt I’m that lucky, but thought should ask anyway!

They are usually not.

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I didn’t think so, but was hoping. I’m probably not going to make pulls for the seasonal. It’s just too costly for too low a chance :confused:

Im new to this game, playing for a month, so we wont be able to get these christmas heros anymore in 6 days when the event ends ? will have to wait 1 year and hope they come back for christmas 2019 ?

I would really like to get buddy / mother or santa, just 1 of them would be great


But don’t worry. There are other great heroes out there, for events and other seasons. Always something to go after if you are not lucky now.

Try to not get over excited about pulls just because the offer ends in couple days. It never ends. Once you fall this trap, you’ll find yourself with a huge hole in your bank account.

Seasonal heroes are just in the seasonal portals.
And you can TRY TO pull em up in 2 ways :
1- Gems.
2- Epic hero tokens. (EHT)

  • (EHT) are usually used in Epic summons (ES), but during seasonal events the (EHT) turn to be used in Seasonal portal. So if you are a new player and you will be a VC2P (very cheap to play) or a F2P (free to play) then I can advice you to save all your EHTs for the seasonal events which comes every 3 months per year.
    I also recommend you to save your gems till 300 or double of that amount, and only summon throw Elemental Summons only so you at least get 3☆ heroes to start a core of a rainbow team of 3☆ heroes to help you on map and titan. (Look on forum for a guide of how to level up your heroes).
  • after getting your first 3☆ rainbow team, you’re good to go for 4☆ heroes and make sure its a rainbow team as well, also HIGHLY RECOMMENED to ask before putting Ascending Materials (AM)s in any hero even 4☆.
  • Search for the Seasonal events calender on forum to make sure you are not missing any sharp shots.

I wish you a happy new year.
Have a great day.

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Ok thanks for the advice guys :slight_smile:
I already have a full 3* rainbow maxed and im 100% f2p, dont plan to spend a penny on a game lol

I did like 6-7 pull since i have the game, all with free gems and free epic token, got only Rudolph as seasonal hero. But i was also lucky to get Chao and Vivica. I just spend another 300gems few hours ago and got Colen.
After reading the forum and considering the drop rates i think im quite lucky with my pulls for a beginner, hope to be able to collect another 300 gems before the event ends.

Now im aiming for the christmas challenge stage 12 hard to get the epic hero token. I think it will be hard, i tried with my 3* rainbow and couldnt finish stage 3 because my team is not strong enough to beat mother north’s. Its an endless fight and had to flee in the end.
Working on a 3/60 chao and a maxed rudolph or 3/60 colen and hope i will at least be able to reach stage 6 for epic troop
Working also on TC, i have 2 at lvl 13 right now, hope i will get a 4*, my first farm was a 3*

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Welcome to the F2P club.

I can tell your luck is already better than mine when I first started back in January of this year. I didn’t get my first 4* until a draw by a summon token approximately 2 months into playing, didn’t get my first 5* until I finished TC20 and did about a month of work from that, finally still looking for event heroes of any event, and HoTM of any kind, so far zilch on any of those.

Hope your luck continues.

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Also, if you wait until the 2nd Thursday of each month, then the Elemental Summon turns into an Event Summon. Because of this, you may want to save up those gems and only use them during these events to maximize your chances of getting the less common heroes via summons and relying more on your TC for the regular heroes.

There are currently 4 Challenge Events, but there will soon be 5 with the announced “Wonderland” event. They each start the 2nd Thursday of the month. More info on Challenge Events and their rotation here. The next one up is Pirates of Corellia which has a great 4* hero in Cabin Boy Peters, along with a few solid 5* heroes.

…of course… you also have to figure out how to balance Atlantis in all of this… OIY! It’s a tough balance to make fit!

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Thanks, there is too many events on this game lol
Atlantis summon is once every month right ?

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Yes, Atlantis portal opens end of every month. But you can do Atlantis levels any time and get Atlantis coins form first time level completion.


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