Are season 1 heroes under-powered? No longer relevant? Can they compete in global top 20?

Indeed! So there are only 2 choices:

  • always aim for the best no matter what
  • make the best out of what you get and try to update weak spots

The pace of new content currently shakes things up quite alot but i could imagine things will settle once SGG has established their new complete yearly cycle. If those high power heroes are only once or twice a year available, its likely that they will not have a big enough impact on the overall balance. However time of one Meta a year propably is over?

I agree on the other hand that costumes are a concerning way of balancing and they NOT should be accepted as an act of gamebalance. They are new heroes attached to old ones.

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Costumes are no regular balance mechanism, but consider following for S1 costumes:

They distribute a lot of costume keys trough chests snd MV. With the 10 keys from the event one can make an average of 4-5 free pulls per month, thats more than in every other portal.
If you have the luck to get a costume for an already maxed hero, you save most of the ascension mats and a lot of food and feeders if you only ascend the costume, compared for a new hero. So there is a reward for those who already owned and maxed the hero. You can call it some sort of investment protection.

So costumes are no real balancing mechanism but they reward the owners of the hero.
I would love to get the costumes of any S1 5* I have already maxed, especially Kadilen, Marjana, Leo and Obakan.
Happy gaming


I tried two season 1 no costume bonus snipers in wings this equalizer and was one shot every single time… lianna and joon. I do also lack the a+ tanks, between seshat and ursena.

I will drop them next war… garjammal just got maxed and I’ll try malosi over joon. He will hit a little less but at more durable and faster.


The counter to your counter is why would you wait until possibly never to get something useful to you now? Regardless of the power creep if you pulled Ludwig now it oculd be weeks, months or years before you got an equivalent but better hero - or possibly a better hero period. And he would certainly be “relevant” for many years to come, or until the game closed down, whichever came sooner. 99% of players will not need a hero to be the very best of the best to make good use of that hero.

Why also is there almost a singular focus on the prevalence of S1 heroes in defense? Many heroes heroes that are not very good in defense are good in offense. And even if you have a best of breed hero in defense it doesn’t mean that you won’t make use of a lesser hero in war or events or elsewhere.

I use many in offense and have stopped using many maxed because without a costume they are not relevant for me and the top 100-150 alliance range. I still use marjana, lianna, joon, and magni offensively with no costume and isarnia on titans no costume. I have 3 with costume bonus so not the same IMO… and 5 that sit around no emblems not relevant for me without a costume. So half of my maxed vanilla season 1s are essentially obsolete & not relevant in high level play (as was the question orginally posed).

I also want to replace marjanna she doesnt work well with my Wilbur aoe strategy… I just dont have the options to do so, I may go double anzogh when I can get the troops for speed and another 800 emblems… I want another fast/average aoe hero for red as well to replace elena with costume as slow is hard to use on aoe go time… I mean I often win but that’s because of target selection against slow tanks (kunch is my favorite for this team).


As a run of the mill f2p player I do not think costumed S1 are the same as classic S1 heroes. When discussing S1 heroes generally I am referring to the classic TC20 version. The ones that everyone gets.

I have managed to pull five 5* costumes (3 dark, 2 red :thinking:), but they were introduced to boost the classic S1’s and make them more relevant. And they are, like all the non-S1 heroes, buried somewhere deep in a portal.

I am a big user of S1 heroes, being the majority of the heroes I have. Are they still relevant? To me they are. Are they underpowered? Some have always been. I have a maxed Horghall that has not seen action since the last time I needed a second green team in AW. I actually use CB Skittleskull over him generally, even in 5* rush tournaments. Can they compete in global top 20? I think that would be a stretch. And since that is not one of my goals it is not important to me whether they can. They do allow me to compete at least fairly regularly with teams up to 4800+ TP. And that’s all I can ask for.


It’s not the subject. Or even the intent.
But there are stronger metrics there.

If you have pulled 5* in the past 2.5 years, the probability is extraordinarily high that it is more versatile and stronger than your costumeless S1
Including for offense…
The game design of lucrative portals was literally denied by the OP. Even though SG admitted it exists.
Even tho… :joy: they didn’t need too…!
We all know that water is wet.

If you have pulled 5* in the past 6 months the probability is extraordinarily high that it wasn’t a fish…

I think a bigger question, is why people are supporting costumes as the
normal new balance updates?

Not a small thing to sweep under the rug

I understand that Elk can’t be as strong as Quenell. But Balance updates are what kept your entire roster from withering in the past.

And now a card you get from your TC is still relevant because of a costume that you don’t have…?


And next year when Ludwig gets his costume, what then…?

I’ll just tell you:
This natural trend produced by lucrative portals, which causes older cards to deteriorate:

Will extend way past S1

and way past their costumes as well…
That concerns me…
Now we’re leaving the TC arena
And about to rapidly erode what many of us already paid dearly for…

And the balance…

Is more money…

In another Portal?!?

Just… no

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have to disagree with you but, that should be 3rd and 2nd worse not 2nd and 1st.

you are forgetting emblems… they are the worst. they led SGG to realize people would pay to upgrade heroes further which led to costumes. And emblems were an outright lie. They were suppose to let you customize your heroes, which they don’t do at all. They are just another ascension material same as costumes and aethers.


I like it!

I would just caution that:
rather than update an obsolete card
They don’t offer it emblems

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I’ll try to lure you out with a video of 1 hero defeating a defense team of 5 5*s

When the new 4* are celebrated for replacing old legendaries:

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