Are season 1 heroes under-powered? No longer relevant? Can they compete in global top 20?

Well… I was just gonna creep this thread, but saw this, and couldn’t help but respond to it…

C. Vanda is still pullable in the Morlovia Gate, therefore is still Morlovian

C. Killhare will still be pullable in the Springvale Gate, so therefore is still Springvalian

C. Marjana, C. Leonidas, C. Kadilen, etc are not pullable in TC20 nor in every portal - including epic, elemental, and special portals - like their original counterparts are (and unlike the aforementioned non-S1 costumes like Vanda), and therefore:

Are not classic season one heroes

Of course, that is my opinion

Although, I do believe it is also the majority opinion - based on my own experience here on this forum - but I have no concrete data to back that. However, we can attempt to test that now (if my poll-making skills will allow; this is my first attempt at one after all :sweat_smile:). At the very least, I believe this discussion warrants a poll to get a feel for where a portion of the community’s head is at:

So, do you consider costume S1 heroes [essentially] the same as non-costume S1 heroes: yes or no?!

  • Yes, I would classify costume S1 heroes as normal S1 heroes
  • No, costume S1 heroes are not the same thing as classic S1 heroes

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This should be 99% on one choice here. Saying that: HA10 gave me a C Kadilen recently for “free”. I still don’t have a single Khagan after 3+ years of playing.


Costumes should be looked at as seperate heroes, becuase you have to pull them separately. Having the older hero isnt helpful at all, as it doesnt increase gour chance for the costume.

Original heros are severely underpowered compared to the new ones - and thats normal for the game.

However, what is mean in this game, is the way tou upgrade the old heroes, becuase it is just as costy and random as getting new ones.


Continued perspective:

From a well rounded player


I would say some of the costume S1 heroes are still highly useable like C Kadilen and snipers, but the hero without costume is really not my choice if I have newer heroes. For me costume S1 hero is not pure S1, maybe S1+.

Actually that argument (and misleading) could be avoided if change the title to “Are costume season 1 heroes under-powered ?….”.


This has got to be a troll post. I refuse to believe that he actually meant what the title says after putting up videos of using costumed S1 heroes.


my alt is f2p for 2 and half years.Playing mostly 4stars and 5 stars from TC20/HA. Last a few days struggling to stay on diamond arena. S1 defense team cannot win. that’s the big thing. for the attack team, can get lucky board and successful mono team can win whatever. very very small chance to over come bad board, since S1 cannot take much of beating from meta team. I have one 5star costume and some for 4stars. that’s the reality of f2p


I can only test what I have. The heroes that I have maxed mostly have costumes.

What? You can literally use a non costumed version of the hero you’re using. You know, like use non-costumed version of Marjana, Elkanen, Kadilen by tapping on those arrows under the hero card, right? This is a joke.

Also, most F2P and C2P who have the same S1 heroes that you have costumed, don’t have costumes that you have for those heroes, which means that they don’t have an option to utilize their costumes (which really makes them not-S1 equivalent) nor do they hav the benefit of the costume bonus stats.


The author of the film and the post is drifting away from reality more and more. Such a video is pure clickbait and has little substantive content. The answer to the title question is a rhetorical one, and all players more familiar with the game will know the answer to it.
Johnny Bravo


He is devious and smart.

It was posted right before the Clash Event. We are distracted while he rises past us all on the event leaderboard :wink:

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If you go with stacks, with tile damage you can beat any team even with plain and vanilla specials supporting it.

All depending on good board/bad board.

Can you craft a decent defense? Well, I didn’t try for a long time, but I can see that working just enough to keep someone in diamond so really all that matters.

Probably titan and mythic titan results not really satisfying. But everywhere else, I could see that possible; perhaps lower winrates but still.

But the real question is… can the game keep you engaged when you stick to using just those old, plain heroes and their specials over, and over again while 95% of where the fun and neat specials are is out of your reach. Frankly, I don’t think that would keep me with this game for more than a year; feels like a party where you are the driver. Unless you are really resilient and determined to ‘show them you are capable’. Game mechanics are stale and redundant as ever, and really the only content is new heroes.


Sorry , but S1 and costumes are from different portals , i don’t think they are the same!


Maybe I’m preaching to the choir, but I don’t see any revelations in the video.

With a mono stack, you win with 4*s if the tiles go your way. C.Marjana is one of the best red heroes in the game, while vanilla Marjana is at best mediocre.

Heck, I raid with a full 4* 3/2 lineup these days, just because - and still win most raids.

Now how about we try holding above diamond rank with a full S1 defense, or not getting oneshot every war flag with one? That’s where the difference is.


I’m not going to pile onto the argument about constitues a S1 hero - for the record I don’t think costumes count, but S1 with costume bonus can still be counted (I predominantly look at specials rather than stats).

I had a look at my roster and I think the following S1 heroes are viable for everyday use at the highest levels in offense (not going to go into defense)

Richard - I use him him in combination with C Kiril and Frida. If I didn’t have Frida he would still work well with Grimm (LB) and Kiril. I wouldn’t use him without buffers/debuffers

Rigard, Melendor, Sabina - full emblemed and LB’d would be relevant, although better with costume obiovusly. I personally wouldn’t put regulat BT in this category because I feel his heal is too weak to be relevant.

Joon - sitll a decent sniper. I use the costume version but it really doesn’t add much to it, and an LB’d non costume version might even be stronger. Lianna and Magni probably similar

Wu Kong - if you don’t have any other major buffers he will still get the job done (if in a very frustrating way)

Vivica - not the best healer but can be OK especially in rush

Gormek, Grimm, Tiburtus - LB and emblem them to give survivability and they are still perfectly usable against top defenses

Most probably others, and not everyone will agree with the above. Just my observations
Isarnia - very relevant vs Titans and in events and in rush format

Leo - an OK mana controller after buff

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I second this part. I have ranvir ( his bastage cousin) and he angers me more than wu ever did. I still use wu on 14 star spiders :laughing: mana him up and shield his rear end u good to go :laughing:

:popcorn: :beer:


I use many season 1 heroes (no costumes, with costumes, or costume bonus) just cause that is what I have especially the healers.

All emblems are 18-20…
Kiril costume x2 max.with emblems
Boldtusk costume x2 max with emblems
Rigard costume x2 max with emblems
Melondor costume max with emblems
Joon with emblems
Leonidas with emblems (use over Joon in 1st yellow stack)
Lianna with emblems
Magni with emblems
Vivica with emblems
Marjana with emblems
Elena with costume bonus and emblems
Domitia with costume bonus and emblems (in costume for titans)
Sonya with emblems (mix costume based on need)
Caedmon with emblems (mix costume based on need)
Khagan with costume bonus makes appearances in events and rush… too many rangers to emblem
Isarnia with emblems primarily titan but she joins rush
Brienne with costume - titans… limit breaker necessary.

I maxed and no longer use: tiburtus (do have this costume but lack emblems), Grimm, chao, sabina, gormek, Richard, azlar, and elkanen… other 4* as well but those are primary season 1s that a costume (and emblems) could change their use significantly.

I have maxed and never really used cause of roster and emblem shortages: Santana and kadilen both of which would be a different situation with a costume.

In total I have 5 season 1 maxed 5s that just sit around so if a recruiter ever wants to know if I have 30+ maxed 5s, yeah I do… better to take some of these 4* with costumes. But if no costume 4* lack alot of durability and the mana bonus is essential as well. 5* need the heavy emblems or costume bonus or sit on bench as well…

So I believe season 1 is relevant… but if all I had was season 1 and no special heroes to mix in or even costumes… I mean this game would just get to the point of not being fun at all very quickly. It is already getting very dull waiting sometimes 3-4 months for a single relevant hero. to level.


Looks like everyone agrees:
Costumes are still relevant

The Chamber… was a mistake!

They should have stuck with:

Balance Updates


I read about S1 heroes getting obsolete since season 2 came out and what should i say? They are still there and i am pretty sure they will be aswell in future.

S1 non costume heroes I use in raids all the time and in wars:

Richard ( I do have the costume levelled for this but prefer regular side)

War wise we are mid level so not going up against the top teams, but I do spend all my raids in diamond and use all of them in there. All are heavily emblemed, but are definitely still the support parts of the teams rather than the main killers

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Not in the top they aren’t. Not for the past 1.5 years.
Not in a video about costumes either.

So we have to hunt for a handful of them in events now?
And in:

If they are unquestionably…
less present now,
Then the future you referenced doesn’t sound so promising!

How do you define regular?
Take the costume off, and the card is still improved.
That improvement was good enough to to drive relevance back from:

Especially for the 4*

Will relevancy be maintained when Season V arrives?
Or when Season IV get their costumes next?
For now we all agree. S1 Costumes are relevant. For now…

And S1 will obviously be relevant for those with

No options!

No costumes… no new toys…
Of course S1 are relevant to them!

Until they tire… of the upgraded paywall
Until they get options, of their own…

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