Are season 1 heroes under-powered? No longer relevant? Can they compete in global top 20?

No not same alliance. Just thinking of the bigger picture :wink:


Which turns out to be food or ducks 99% of the time. I’m starting to think we should broaden our horizons.


It’s for the good of the game? Even better. You are so pure of heart. :joy:


I won’t talk about vertical integration.

and rabbits. ^^


Shall we spend 99% of our time instead talking about Doug Smith ? @Sorvina is not on board with vertical integration :stuck_out_tongue:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Vertical integration is the new villager.

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Yes, I believe this thread should be dedicated to Doug Smith. It’s the least we can do to honor his memory.


When we make videos of Doug Smith, shall we mention his multiple outfits? Or let people click on the video first, and go from there?


I don’t know Doug Smith. And I don’t like vertical integration either. I’m with @Sorvina. I prefer it horizontally. But if we need new topics to broaden our horizons, how about alcohol? No @sleepyhead, no chocolate beer!


WH Auden was had some words of wisdom viz horizontal Vs Vertical.

“Let us honour of we can, the vertical man. Though we value none, but the Horizontal one”

Poor Doug Smith is now horizontal, and I think it’s unfair to his memory for his friends to be reminded he is no longer vertical.


A call for the minorities! We’re talking about vertical and horizontal. What about diagonal? Diagonal is S1 among the alignments! I don’t think they can compete with the other alignments! We need a quota!


Videos and outfits caused Doug Smith’s downfall. Let’s just remember how bad he was at fighting barehanded, scuba diving without equipment and his love of steak and lobster.


To be fair, we explore the horizontal integration topic pretty often, especially when @sleepyhead and @Mistress_of_Shadows are around.


Thanks for sharing. So, it is possible. Troops potentially the most difficult requirement to meet.

Troops build slowly, however…
Unlike costumes,
Troops get integrated to all heroes of same element. You never lose this benefit.

Blems and LB are given to a specific hero to…
:v: Buff :v:the hero, however…
Unlike costumes,
Blems and LB come from chests and rewards.

Troops likely are the most difficult requirement when it comes to developing materials.
Costumes are flat-out a completely NEW card.
This NEW card will change your roster options exactly the same as any other, portal delivering NEW card does.

Family or not… means nothing

Haha @sleepyhead :point_down:

So much for Doug Smith…

This conversation will get GROSS!
As more and more lack solutions that come from stingy portals. It will get harder to farm free pulls! Eventually the titans will increase to keep whales from boredom. And events will get hard to challenge super creep assault squads that win in 6 tiles.

Then when videos say S1 are the new meta,
Regular folks with regular S1 will…



@Pompitous thank you for reusing my meme in a place where it makes plenty of sense :wink:

LOL. I’ve been working for this boss for over 10 years, and am the only one around who can get various things done, so not so easy to fire, I would hope.

To stay relatively on topic, not looking forward to the release of more costumes. They’ll be expanding it again to other heroes who really, really DON’T need them and then we’ll be on this merry-go-round again with yet another round of S1 costumes… (which are not the same as vanilla S1)