Are season 1 heroes under-powered? No longer relevant? Can they compete in global top 20?

Uhm, did you read my comment? I said "SG is working on an S1 family bonus. I made no mention of the 2nd costume.

They specifically said they are working on Season 1 Family bonus. Facts matter.

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I did . They’re working on both but the new costumes are worth mentioning as the family bonus will probably not add much. Don’t have an issue with the video but I think that S1 classic heroes are not really relevant almost anywhere anymore. Enjoy your videos btw.

Do the new costumes replace the old costumes? Meaning the old costumes will no longer exist and be actual buffs?
Or will they be separated and new additions?

As of now, My understanding is, the new = 2nd costume will be an add-on to the existing = Base hero & 1st costume.

  • When I summonsed in the Beta portal, I got 5* heroes with both costumes and they can be levelled up separately.
  • Hence, the costume bonus, seems will become double… but I still have to level up / check and test all that… & hence, this information should be out soon…

& since this is beta, all of it is subject to change before final version / decision gets introduced into he game.

Trust that clarifies.


I think I see, @dansing

If you have Regular Kadilen and never received her costume. If you get the new one you receive both.

If you do have C. Kadilen, in order to get the new costume, you just summon it again!

Wonder which will be next, S2 or Hotm?

That will be fun "family" talk
To justify repeatedly SUMMONING the same Doug Smith card :joy: over and over again.
For his so-called “buffs”

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


We gather here today to pass on our respects to the dearly departed Doug Smith. He learned too late that without his costume and gun, he wasn’t a relevant deterrent to fighting crime.


Very strange he was :laughing:


Yes, they are underpowered.

Yes, they can be competitive given that you can sprinkle in some non-S1 heros with them in a mono, other otherwise complementary team.

It takes two things to be “global top 20 competitive”: 1) ability to gain cups on offense and 2) ability to field a sufficiently decent defense to be able to maintain those cups.

S1 hero’s are still decent at 1 above when brought in a high density charge/damage format. That typically means mono. But on defense, even a double color of S1’s will doom you to endless defeats.

So there it is, if you want to spend a ton of flasks to run up high in the points, is that competitive when the moment you log out, your team gets obliterated on defense? Sorry, I don’t think that’s competitive.

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You got it correct… now onwards, Season-1 costumes will come as threesome !
Basis how many costumes levelled, the bonus will be.

This opens up many things viz, heroes charging speed when combined with :

  • mana bonus
  • troops = mana / magic

IF . . .
You acquire these new :v:Buffs :v:
from the… Portal…!

My understanding of acquiring the 2 keys like I used, and then get RnG’d by both pulls.
Is that I may only get 1 key now. Forget the legendary, many 4* still elude me.

With new designs for whale pulls and leveling first, and then you can breeze through the last 5 level or so with your +5500 team.

Not to mention,
I wonder how many that previously chased the
:v:Costumes :v:
Will do so again.

It’s a great move for new spenders!

The new costumes are not off topic here,
Since the claim is that costumes are similar to materials that DO NOT come from portals.

But here is the brand new thread:

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Well, I spend and still don’t have costume Leo while I know many Free & cheap to play that have him…
All that spender talk / angle is not entirely correct ….
RNG still rules.

Yes, spending very high till that specific hero pops out is fine, deserved…
those fellows, mostly play with similar fellows….

The ones who mostly complain about “why so many heroes” are habitual or have too many heroes….
I personally am happy seeing variety of heroes that are in circulation across the player base.
Adds to the craziness, that this game is now.

Hilarious reading hero specials more frequently as I am. It making any effort to remember…:rofl::roll_eyes::rofl::roll_eyes:

This is how costumes really work:

Family or not…


:joy: I got conflicting information. I heard he died because he went scuba diving without a suit, after he listened to somebody who told him that being part of the Smith family would make his lungs relevant underwater.


Yeah, it was a bit of a complicated picture. Still waiting for full details from our chief reporter.

Just now though it appears he was a marine cop so had both a police uniform and scuba suit, plus his top class speedboat maxed out that really boosted his speed.

Unfortunately when he spotted the smugglers it was just him in his dinghy, it didn’t go well for him…


The latests report says he did it because he heard of the infamous Youtube video “ARE SMITHS STILL RELEVANT?!! ATTACKING SMUGGLERS WHILE BEING A SMITH!!! WHO NEEDS GUNS, SUITS OR SPEEDBOATS, YOU’RE A SMITH!!!” but didn’t watch it.

Little did he know that it actually featured Smiths rocking machine guns, state of the art scuba diving suits and custom made speedboats.

Poor Doug. He was dumb but I liked him.


This is a co-op meme worthy of being posted on the E&P Memes thread :rofl:


@Kilted and @NicoX

This was really funny. I nearly laughed out loud, and would have had a hard time explaining why to my boss… :slightly_smiling_face:


In the end, Mama Smith was quoted as saying:

“I don’t understand why Doug did what he did. There was never any question that he was part of the family. But we kept telling him: don’t try to do what your stronger, more capable brother David does! You are your own person, you’re not a clone of David!”


Well, yesterday the new round of 2nd Costumes for S1 heroes was released… maybe they will no longer be irrelevant… or will they??

2nd Round of S1 heroes costumes