Are season 1 heroes under-powered? No longer relevant? Can they compete in global top 20?

He was one hour ago but now they released Quenell so not today :smiley:


Now, now. While I do agree with the statement that costumed S1 heroes are still S1 heroes, let’s not pretend the costumes are any more F2P friendly than other non TC heroes, because they’re not. They still need to be summoned the same way any non TC hero needs to be summoned.


They can definitely be helpful on offense. Especially with the costumes and the bonus that they add for stats and versions special skills. But on defense the S1 heroes are more of a liability. Placed properly a few can be effective on defense. But that again depends on if you have the costumes for them in most cases.

So this is a clickbait?


Lol. We don’t need him. He needs us to watch his flexing. :smiley:


The OP is struggling with definitions
Let’s clear that up:

In game terminology, this is called a

  • Skin

When you apply a skin to your character it functions exactly like a real-life costume …and changes the appearance, while the character is "still me"

There are no Skins for characters
in this game.

Here at E&P we have something called:

  • Balance Updates

In this (and other games) B.U. are free.
They become necessary over time, due to the nature of desirable merchandise which is a successful business strategy.

Despite an attempt to claim this strategy doesn’t exist with a S1 video about costumes, it was already admitted by SG:

This strategy has an effect,
a trend…
that causes older heroes to become
less desirable over time,
as can be seen here:

Recent updates have not only become less frequent in the midst of rapid creep release…
They have also neglected the older heroes in trade for increased revenue by buffing new toys that did not financially preform as expected.

2022 appears promising for older Hotm.
Cards like Inari continue to be fodder.

Yes But, there is another option:

  • Costumes…

Unlike skins, these generate separate effects, such as increased speed and stats, along with more desirable skills in some situations.
Kadilen is a strong example.
Unlike emblems or LB, your opportunity to collect them is 2 pulls from completing the event. You can drum-up another 1-2 pulls from a small variety of other free options.
Or… you can spend money…

Which eventually, If you have Inari.
She will remain less desirable for you!
Unless… you get extraordinarily, spectacularly, lightning-struck lucky!
with your 3-4 pulls. Or spend a ridiculous amount of money.
To collect a separate card.
Which delivers… separate results…

And finally:

  • The Problem

The Trend…
Can be realized when you stop spending.
Or carefully analyze why you have to continue doing so!

The price is steep for something that degrades …more rapidly…
with every passing portal.


They are slightly more F2P friendly since you can get costumes through HA10, along with older event heroes and HoTMs. Of course, I’ve been running HA10 since February and haven’t gotten either… but that’s an aside.

I’d say one question can be answered objectively, the other two are subjective.

Yes. Costume bonus or no costume bonus, this can be done. The likelihood of someone limited to S1 heroes getting the required trophies to hit top 20 is fairly rare currently.

I will use this definition of relevant:

“appropriate to the current time, period, or circumstances; of contemporary interest.”

Subjectively, they are no longer relevant. Without costumes, many no longer level S1 5*s. The prevalent advice for levelling S1 heroes, “wait for something better. If you have the costume, what are your other choices”.

Again subjective, comparing fully ascended Magni (power 754) versus Morel (power 807), I would call that way under powered. This doesn’t even take into account the relative value of S1 specials compared to more recent hero specials, which make S1 heroes even more under powered.

I can’t tell you how other people interpret your OP and title. I see it as misleading at best.


This would be more convincing if it was coming from F2P or VC2P player…

When someone has majority of new shiny OP heroes and and say “hey, s1 are pretty good!”, they kinda contradicts themselves.


Yes they are, and so are season 2 and just about 90% of HOTM.
The only exceptions are about 5 or so costume S1, and even then, yes S1 is obsolete, and it’s insulting that a card like Ludwig takes the same amount of ascension mats as say Obakan.

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ok first off the title is not totally correct for some, SO WHAT? it did it’s job. It got your attention and you watched. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. The author is not gonna care if you disagree, he got you to view it. He can sit here and twist words forever to come out on top. SO you are all wasting your breath, typing whatever.

The fact is S1 is and will always be relevant especially the 4s . 5 are icing on the cake. Yes you will need to emblem and LB and if possible costume them to make them even more relevant. But s1 4* heroes have and will always be relevant.

Now that is the question that we should be discussing.
First they are the easiest and most likely to obtain hero outside of S1 3* in every portal and TC.
They are also cheap to ascend and LB and emblem
Therefor the designers have done an amazing job at making and keeping them relevant

What use does anyone have for s1 4* even without a costume
well kiril/ grimm and boldtusk/gormek are the two most powerful easiest to obtain 1-2-3 punch in the game.
Kiril/ grimm - heal, att up, def up, def down and damage to up to 3.
BT/gormek - heal, attack up,def down, damage up to 3.
BOOM based on how damaged is calculated the only way to make your hits stronger is with elemental def down, which only becomes most effective with mono, or speicalized heroes like miki/wu/tarlack etc.

There are 5 healers in S1 4*, and 3 dispellers, plus tib adds in an additional def down combo to use with kiril or bt, and if you add in C rigard then an even powerful combo appears.
There are mana manipulators in chao and Xi and LJ.

The stats of s1 are not as skimpy as one may think
Because LB and costume bonus are percentage based, with LB and CB they have stats similar or superior to newer heroes
The highest possible attack value is 1041 which is Isnarinia CB +20 or C. Elena +20. Followed by C. Isnaria +20 at 1038, Magni CB +20 and Scarlett CB +20 both at 1006 are in the top 15 of highest possible attack values in the game.
LJ and SKittleskull CB +20 LB have better stats then most green 5*

I could do this all day with stats

The S1 specials may be simple and boring to some but they get the job done and are unconditional, making them very reliable

For all these reasons S1 heroes are EXTREMELY relevant in all parts of this game. You don’t need a video maker to tell you that. They are what got many of us through a majority of the game play. Sure new heroes are useful and fun, otherwise noone would want them. But most are icing and sprinkles. A few are game changing and even a couple are OP in certain parts of the game. But it all comes down to the RNG of the tile generation. No matter the stats or the specials, you either get the tiles you need or you don’t.


Well… I was just gonna creep this thread, but saw this, and couldn’t help but respond to it…

C. Vanda is still pullable in the Morlovia Gate, therefore is still Morlovian

C. Killhare will still be pullable in the Springvale Gate, so therefore is still Springvalian

C. Marjana, C. Leonidas, C. Kadilen, etc are not pullable in TC20 nor in every portal - including epic, elemental, and special portals - like their original counterparts are (and unlike the aforementioned non-S1 costumes like Vanda), and therefore:

Are not classic season one heroes

Of course, that is my opinion

Although, I do believe it is also the majority opinion - based on my own experience here on this forum - but I have no concrete data to back that. However, we can attempt to test that now (if my poll-making skills will allow; this is my first attempt at one after all :sweat_smile:). At the very least, I believe this discussion warrants a poll to get a feel for where a portion of the community’s head is at:

So, do you consider costume S1 heroes [essentially] the same as non-costume S1 heroes: yes or no?!

  • Yes, I would classify costume S1 heroes as normal S1 heroes
  • No, costume S1 heroes are not the same thing as classic S1 heroes

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This should be 99% on one choice here. Saying that: HA10 gave me a C Kadilen recently for “free”. I still don’t have a single Khagan after 3+ years of playing.


Costumes should be looked at as seperate heroes, becuase you have to pull them separately. Having the older hero isnt helpful at all, as it doesnt increase gour chance for the costume.

Original heros are severely underpowered compared to the new ones - and thats normal for the game.

However, what is mean in this game, is the way tou upgrade the old heroes, becuase it is just as costy and random as getting new ones.


Continued perspective:

From a well rounded player


I would say some of the costume S1 heroes are still highly useable like C Kadilen and snipers, but the hero without costume is really not my choice if I have newer heroes. For me costume S1 hero is not pure S1, maybe S1+.

Actually that argument (and misleading) could be avoided if change the title to “Are costume season 1 heroes under-powered ?….”.


This has got to be a troll post. I refuse to believe that he actually meant what the title says after putting up videos of using costumed S1 heroes.


my alt is f2p for 2 and half years.Playing mostly 4stars and 5 stars from TC20/HA. Last a few days struggling to stay on diamond arena. S1 defense team cannot win. that’s the big thing. for the attack team, can get lucky board and successful mono team can win whatever. very very small chance to over come bad board, since S1 cannot take much of beating from meta team. I have one 5star costume and some for 4stars. that’s the reality of f2p


I can only test what I have. The heroes that I have maxed mostly have costumes.

What? You can literally use a non costumed version of the hero you’re using. You know, like use non-costumed version of Marjana, Elkanen, Kadilen by tapping on those arrows under the hero card, right? This is a joke.

Also, most F2P and C2P who have the same S1 heroes that you have costumed, don’t have costumes that you have for those heroes, which means that they don’t have an option to utilize their costumes (which really makes them not-S1 equivalent) nor do they hav the benefit of the costume bonus stats.


The author of the film and the post is drifting away from reality more and more. Such a video is pure clickbait and has little substantive content. The answer to the title question is a rhetorical one, and all players more familiar with the game will know the answer to it.
Johnny Bravo


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