Are season 1 heroes under-powered? No longer relevant? Can they compete in global top 20?

Last year, when I was still playing only with S1 4* teams on offense, I made it into top 100 global 4 times without trying too much. It’s possible that was due to the early effect of aethers though.

This year I made it into top 1000 legendary challenge event with a team consisting of S1 heroes + Wilbur with relatively few replays, so I guess it’s not impossible, it just takes time to accumulate the necessary heroes and a bit of luck to get particularly Wilbur who has no F2P alternative.

Moreover I remember the famous Di, who is completely F2P, making it into top 100 Legendary at a certain challenge event and even being inteviewed by mr Jekylandhyde in one of his YouTube videos on thar particular achievement.

So I’d say that top 1000 legendary challenge events and top 100 global in raids are possible for the f2p. And if that f2p plays for, say, 3 or 4 years, it’s very likely they complete the requirements to join a top 100 alliance.

The very tricky and frustrating part of the game for the f2p is the early development, especially the first few months, with emphasize on insuficiency of 3* ascension unfarmable mats, of quality 4* heroes to ascend and of emblems/limit break materials to make those heroes viable. Then again, as an old RPG player I’d say that is true for any non-online RPG game - there is always a very long grinding stage in similar games. And that stage requires a lot of patience to overcome.

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I mean you can’t tell me this isn’t pure comedy gold.

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Not really.

I tried to translate it from English to many different languages and then back to English and it still wasn’t funny. Even Comic Sans didn’t help. :woman_shrugging:


I did not say f2p can not do this, I did, and so did you. I said if you only have S1 heroes and a few HotM, then you can not do it. Wilbur is not S1 and no HotM….

But agreed on the rest…

Happy gaming

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Are you suggesting that a mobile game company employ its players to come up with game ideas, so they get players to pay while using them for beta testing and idea generation and… wait a minute…


I would say that this somewhat ties into a S1 relevance discussion as ftp could be the group most reliant on S1 heroes. There are maybe a handful of top 100 alliances that would take a true ftp player (“maybe” because I don’t know all of their recruiting requirements).

I see these as the biggest roadblocks for a true ftp to join a “typical” top 100 alliance:

Troops - multiple high level troops, a longshot to have these.

CoK/MT - requires resources or specific rosters to satisfy meeting minimum requirements.

Rosters - can require specific heroes, emblem counts, sheer numbers.

A couple years ago, I could see an avid ftp working their way into a top 100. Not so much anymore.

Not sure what is meant by a co-op meme. Can you explain please :slight_smile:

It stands for cooperative :v:

Nah, her getting sacked would help her alliance so we would be doing good.

Less time working= more time grinding for mats = higher titan scores = better chance to get 4*mats =able to ascend more heroes =more war wins for the alliance and better loot overall

It’s a small price to pay @kwong79 gotta put the needs of the alliance first :thinking: :upside_down_face: :innocent: :rofl:

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Hey @JekylandHyde will this S1 relevancy get an update video after pulling the new costumes?

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Just received news that Doug Smith’s remains were taken Back To The Future through an expensive moving portal and he’ll be back after his augmentation to a Universal Soldier. He won’t need his old scuba suit, police uniform, or fire suit to take care of those pesky smugglers!

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… except poor Doug will still not be as powerful as his brother David, because David will get augmented to Mutliversal soldier with even more powerful weapons and armor!

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Typically a top alliance wants you to have at least 30+ maxed 5* heroes and rainbow mana troops lvl.23+.

When I entered 7DU the requirements were lvl17 rainbow mana troops and 20+ maxed 5* plus 20+ maxed 4*.

I am playing one month less than 2.5 years, 32 maxed 5* , 23/11/5 rainbow mana troops except in yellow there it is 20/11/5 working on going to lvl23.

We finished MT in place 53, and our alliance ranking is fluctuating between ranks 50 and 150 dependent on the time a titan respawns.

Happy gaming


:joy: I’m suggesting nothing of the sort.

I’m just paying homage to Doug Smith, who - little known fact - was a huge vertical integration aficionado.

When he wasn’t fighting crime without his gun and police uniform, scuba diving without suit and oxygen tanks, or speedboating without speedboat, he spent hours vertically integrating stuff.

@Sorvina’s dismissive attitude towards vertical integration is a betrayal of our beloved Doug’s ideals.


I didn’t know you were in the same alliance. Then by all means, let’s get @kwong79 fired. :joy:

What a beautiful display of solidarity between alliance mates, I’m proud to be a part of this. It’s bringing tears to my eyes.


No not same alliance. Just thinking of the bigger picture :wink:


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It’s for the good of the game? Even better. You are so pure of heart. :joy:


I won’t talk about vertical integration.

and rabbits. ^^


Shall we spend 99% of our time instead talking about Doug Smith ? @Sorvina is not on board with vertical integration :stuck_out_tongue: