Are season 1 heroes under-powered? No longer relevant? Can they compete in global top 20?

I would just keep him just incase you get his costume. He’s still good for tower events

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I used Throne at 3/70, with no costume for a Top 10 finish in the Ninja Tower.


Heros should not be made redundant

i thought this post encouraging those who do not own / owning not much heroes other than S1 not to give up this game until they can get better heroes.
however most people thinking vice verse, by stressing player would not compete to top tier unless granting as much heroes other than S1.

since the majority is there. then SG shall improving the summon policies that let all players have won non-S1 legendary heroes in a easy way.

player should not be redundant

Unfortunately, you have been led astray by the misleading nature of the topic’s title, as the video shown in the OP does not feature S1 heroes, but S1 costumes.

That said, while they obviously can’t compete with top tier heroes, S1 heroes are still used by many players.

Here is the thread you need, this one is just clickbait nonsense:


ic, from your view we can say costumed Guardian Panther is not from Guardian Family, perhaps she and Guardian Kong should not have the same family bonus from original Guardian Family and original Guardian Family heroes are not entitled to the costume bonus.

btw, the post never said from original S1, or non-costumed bonus S1 heroes.
my objective is other, not original or costumed hero.

perhaps the designer shall clarify or take note.

If you have only S1 heroes and a few HotM, you have to set your expectations right!
You can: Play (and win!) all stages from all seasons, a few battle items might be needed. You can climb the towers and finish the challenge events.

What you most likely can not do:

Finish challenge events ( epic and legendary) in the top 1000.
Reach top 100 regularly, be part of a top100 alliance.

But hey, this game is a year’s long journey for most of us. Take your time, build your roster. The better heroes will come and you might have a chance scoring higher. Its a game and should provide fun and recreation from real life stress. No need to spend a fortune to rush into game levels others needs years to reach. A slow building can give you a better gaming experience, so have fun!

Happy gaming


Still, that means it was misleading by claiming S1 is still relevant using the video without explaining about the usage of costume or the bonuses, the conclusion from that video should have been:

  1. S1 is mostly irrelevant without costume upgrade.
  2. S1 can be relevant with costume upgrade.

C Guardian Panther and c Guardian Kong are indeed much better heroes than their original versions. I would definitely expect a content creator to mention which version they’re using in a video’s title. The family bonus is immaterial to this expectation.

Yes it did. Simply by omitting to mention it’s using the costume. It’s literally the only instance in which I’ve seen S1 costumes referred to as S1 heroes by anyone.

No he won’t. It’s been debated ad nauseam and there’s no need to go over this once again.


@2.Trillion @JekylandHyde the Thorne I would consider using is a maxed dupe so for costume I’d use another.

But I’d rather not go down the costume convo path.

The thing is the last soul exchange if I had 19 hero’s and needed one more to get Loki or mn I would have used a maxed Thorne, no doubt. it makes me think these S1 heroes are just food really.

For the Towers I just don’t have the time, the kudos of top 10 is great but the loot doesn’t match the hype.

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your reply no 3 is on the contrary to reply 1.

if the poster made a mistake & he had a corrective action, than do you accept that? if not, means our objective is not the issue of costume or original, you just enjoying people making a mistake

I have absolutely no clue what you mean and am not sure I want a clarification.

He’s adamant that it wasn’t a mistake and that there’s nothing to correct. That’s what I meant by:

I thought it was self-explanatory, but apparently it wasn’t. My apologies. Scrolling up to read the convo would’ve been an option though.

Look, I gave you a link to the best place on the forum to discuss actual S1 heroes. Feel free to do anything you want with this information.

Please just don’t be unnecessarily hostile, they’re all pretty nice people, and given this absurd reaction to my attempt to help you, I’m now wondering if it was a good idea to direct you towards them.


He double down on the claim instead of clarifying. I had already asked him to mention the costume, he blantantly refuse.


That’s an understatement lol


I absolutely would use a maxed S1 hero as trade in soul exchange if needed.


you have do not wrong with this.

you are the NicoX, with rationality i am known and confirm again.
i think my word were aggressive to you, my apologize.

my objective is the developer shall improving the summon policies, without changing the lucky player of possibility of pulls more than the appearance rates, but shall ensure the stated rate of the pulling change of 5s classic, events, featured and bonus hotm.
however, i have seen some ‘Taunt’ appear, and i believe that the target for them to become Taunt.

i hope these will not make you unplease.


No worries, we’re good.

If I understand correctly, you’re suggesting a pity counter that guarantees the advertised odds? I personally think it’d be a good idea, but unfortunately SGG has repeatedly rejected it.


no, i suggesting after pulling certain number, SG shall fulfill the statement of summon portal appearance rate that hotm, feature event 5s, event 5s and classic 5s heroes to be won in 100 pulls.

A) that if the players summon rate is poor and underated,

  1. reaching a certain number of pull, the portal shall only appear 4s, event 4s, hotm, feature event 5s, event 5s and classic 5s
  2. reaching the last few chance of the 100 pulls, only event 5s, event 5s and classic 5s heroes appear.

B) if the player is having a good luck / overrated summon, the (A1) and (A2) will not be triggered, with the ongoing / coming / next-continue summoning activity until 100 pulls shall remain the same where the minimum appearance rate shall not be activated.

i hope you could understand my word.

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