Are Raids getting...Easier?

Yes, it is a clickbait title and no the mechanics of raiding haven’t changed as far as I can tell.

But I have a story to tell the folks that probably clicked on that title in a rage (looking at you raids are unfair, the game is cheating, color staking has been nerfed crowd).

TL:DR Ask for advice. Listen to said advice. Use said advice. Love raids.

I made this post about 60 days after starting E&P. If you go back and read it, you will see that I had progressed fast, pulled too much to early, made poor leveling decisions, and was a bit lost.

BUT…I was having lots of fun


Raiding was miserable for me. I hated that aspect of the game. Hated it.

So what did I do?

I came to the forum and yelled at my computer screen/other players about how the game is cheating.


I asked for help and the E&P community delivered in spades.

@Rigs answered my question immediately with A+ advice.

@gregschen and @AirHawk jumped in right after with confirmations and additional advice.

So what did I do with that advice?

Ignored it. kept doing the same thing and returning to the forum to yell at you all.

Again, kidding.

I took most of the advice but augmented it with other items I picked up here and at my new alliance (shout out to Helios, @PeachyKeen, and the rest of the Helios alliance family). Here are my results.

-Within a week of getting my new leveling/raiding strategy (via LISTENING more than I was talking) I had improved my offensive win rate from 40% to 53%.
-1 month in, I was able to raid up into platinum most days.
-2 months in cracked into diamond for the first time
-3 months in could stay in diamond overnight

And today 5 months post advice and 7 months since starting down this rabbit hole…
-I routinely wake up to more cups
-I haven’t dropped out of Diamond in 30+ days
-It’s not terribly uncommon for my defense to carry me up into the top 200 (three times into the top 100)
-I got up to #14 global with pretty minimal effort and cracking the top 100 (if only for a few moments) is no longer difficult and happens 5 or so times a week.

and probably the most important point

-I LOVE RAIDING. My offensive win rate over my last 50 offensive raids is 92% and they are the flags that I most look forward to burning.

So stick with it. Read more than you post. Ask questions. Listen to the answers. Think about your strategy and test it. Track your data and react to it.

But mostly, have fun with it.


Preach, brother!

Similar story for me.

I was all over the place, read a guide on here and changed my style.

And, more importantly, my attitude.

That’s the advice to take away. Until the $million prize live tournaments, this is the only reason to open the app on your phone.


This. This is so important.


CVS, you’re one smart cookie :wink:

Im not really sure if it means what I want to express, but it’s just… I was going for a compliment that wouldn’t just read plain and boring “brilliant”


I just cant believe i said something useful lol

Must have been an off day


@Rigs don’t sell yourself short. You’re one of the most patient old players (if not the most) I’ve met playing this game.

Your advice is great, when you’re in a teaching/coaching mood. Plus, you’re very (you’ll hate this adjective) gracious when someone disagrees with you with a solid input.

Many older players lack your ability to truly exchange information and input from newer players.


@Rigs is the flag + game master.

What he says depends on which side of his fence you are standing on. :rofl:

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Think i have a vid for you btw

Aaaaggghhhh I have forgotten to record mine

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Ok well i HAD a vid for you lol

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I’m not currently on his side of the fence, but even when I was and would disagree with him, I was never met with arrogance from him.

And I did mention he sounded like an old grumpy guy here at the Forum :laughing:


Well he is one of the grumpiest and funniest players here that I know of.

The fun part is that he can take what he dished out. Many can’t do that. :wink:


Any more raid advice for @Cvs?


I give him advice through LINE, but I’d say: Raid Rigs, record it and post it here to show your progress in so little time playing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Oh, don’t forget @AirHawk and @JonahTheBard while you’re at it @Cvs :wink:


@Cvs is constantly at the top 100, I don’t know if he needs advice from me in the Raid department


Of course. How can I forget.

Join CREW! :rofl:

PS. I’m serious :wink:


As much as I love the Crew (and am pretty vocal about it and other Alliances I enjoy the people and their game play) both @Cvs and I are currently helping making Helios a kickass Top tier Alliance.

We’re actually even looking for 2 players to join us at Helios :sunny: #shamelessrecruiting

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I log off Dow a few hours and this place goes crazy

It was the first good advice I got while playing. So I appreciate it!

I’m recording anyone I know… I thought 512g on my phone would be enough. I was wrong lol

I hear great things about the crew family, but as @FabulaSumus said we are driving forward with Helios and will be cracking into the top here soon. Honored to get an offer though :wink:

Y’all make this place fun and I appreciate it


Nah, don’t raid me @Cvs

Fight To Play cups are made of Papier mache and foil and say ‘Well Done For Trying’.

You wouldn’t like them.


@Cvs, I had much the same experience. Started to rise up in Gold, broke into Platinum but always got knocked back down, and couldn’t seem to reliably push into Platinum again when I needed to open a chest… couldn’t seem to time things right.

Now, I open multiple chests per day, and always in Diamond, and it’s fun. Sure, I still have some frustration when I get on a streak of boards that just aren’t going my way (I tend to stack 3-2 lately, and rarely 2-2-1), but for the most part, I can’t wait for my flags to be back so I can reset that chest and keep it moving. :slight_smile:

It’s a little bit like Glengarry Glen Ross… ABR: Always Be Raiding. :wink: Or I guess ABC could be Always Be Chesting but that just sounds weird. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good gaming!


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