Are raid tournaments worth it?

Okay, now a more interesting question. Is it ever worth paying the 75 gems if you’ve lost all your lives?

I don’t think I’d ever pay to continue, unless maybe I were on the last day, just lost out and thought that a couple more wins would guarantee top 1%. But probably not even then, honestly. Much better to use gems to get 3-star feeders when you wanted Alice and/or the Queen of Hearts. :slight_smile:

You full hero chest quickly.

You get some loot, poor loot ok, but something.

You play with and against heros you usually don’t.

Enough for me to play the tournament :wink:


I like the raid tournaments, for the variety they provide. I’ve been playing long enough that I have a lot of heroes that rarely get used. The special rules make some of them valuable again.

It’s another free avenue to tokens, emblems, and rare materials, so yes I’d say it’s worth it. However, I’d never pay the gems to buy back in. 4 losses probably means you’re not going to make the top tiers anyway.

I mean… If you like playing slot machines, it’s ok.

Otherwise it’s just different lipstick on the pvp pig.

Skittle is dead in one switch of a tile :joy:

I think I would have made the purple diamond and figured that those 3 reds that were matched at the same time killed Skittles, is that what you did? and if she was still alive that red dragon would have a red next to it for 2 more reds and popping the diamond in turn 2…

Since the begining I join Turnament, even a *5 Turnament and I was not have any *5 yet.
It is just like addition free flag to use, and has bonus rewards, minimum silver token.

I like them and I think they are fun. However, I would not waste gems on them currently. The rewards just aren’t worth it IMO. If they ever restore the rewards to their original level, they might entice me to drop some gems.

I formed the red diamond since I had 3 red heroes, which of course killed skittles right away

Right now it looks like they’re pricing the 75 gem continue to correspond to those store “special deals” that give you chances at items.

If you have the time to fight a raid, you should do the tournament. Free flags are free loot, and the extra kills fill the raid chest. Too much free to turn down no matter how much you may dislike raiding

I like the raid tournament because the various rules force you to change how you think about your attack/defense lineup. I generally run both attack and defense with a healer-heavy setup. Bloody Battle makes me change up how I’d normally run my teams.

I have adapted pretty well so far on attack (I’m 14-1 through the first 3 days), however my defense has been a laughing stock so far. I don’t know how many attacks I’ve taken, I know it’s more than 30 though, and I have win percentage of 19.4%.


Unlike Challenge events ( fixed enemies ) and Alliance war ( team effort ), Tourneys are all about the matchmaking and that leaves a lot to be desired. War only has three war rules and its matchmaking is a mess. Tourney modifiers v22 show 90 -120 different rules ( 3- 4 rules x 5 rarities x 6 elemental choices ).

If you want the Tourney loot, just set a defense team and skip the attacking part.

If you are in Platinum/ Diamond raid arena, fight until you have 4 defeats then quit. This helps fill your Wanted Hero Mission chest. People rebelled against an entrance fee, so the 75 gem continue was instituted.

If not for the matchmaking, 4 defeats, and lack of rerolls, I would do it for fun. Even if it gave zero rewards and did not fill my chest.

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Are raid tourneys worth it? Well I guess the real question is do you like free emblems. I get this all the time from people in my alliance saying they don’t have a good 3* team…You have the raid tourney, and the events like Wonderland that you get free emblems from, just by completing the event. Now you may be swimming in emblems, I on the other hand am not…so you can bet I’m going to participate in each and every event that gives out free emblems

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It depends on who or when you ask…


Or this other time (my first ever time I got to top1%) when I got boots and lots lots of grey coins…

I was so angry that I didn’t even screen grab the results…

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This is not a typical result in the Top 1%. More like sunspire feathers and grey tokens. Not sure if this dude came back to shill or brag, but everyone should ignore this crazy outlier result, if it’s even real.

To answer the OP in 2020, Raid tournaments are the only time Raiding is worth it at all. Because the game is now so bad, these are some of the only fun times left (and only some raid tournaments are fun, some combos are terrible).

Conclusion: some raid tournaments are worth playing, but NONE are worth spending money on. Nothing in this game is worth spending money on anymore.

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Sorry, I did not finish my post… I was looking for pictures of the other instance where I got rubbish loot.

One tactic that works very well for me against heroes who share damage is to take multitarget attack heroes.

It is true it happens to me. They eliminate me on Tuesday or Wednesday and when they give the rewards on Saturday I don’t even remember. I stay in plan - And this where it comes from. Did I touch a button that I don’t know? -

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