Are Raid Tournaments going to include 1 star heros only battles?

I feel after the unexpected surprise of getting a raid tournament which only allows 2* heros that this next question could be justified as being a logical question ,lol.

Are there going to be 1* hero tournaments in the future?

Probably, this is from the end of June:


At least I still have that Sharan that is given to players at the beginning and obligatorily ascended as a part of tutorial.


I typed in various options in search on this and nothing came up…

Happy for you to move/merge this over there if you like.

Thanks the response.


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Probably doesn’t hurt to have a thread with this title for people searching in the future.

It’s also worth noting that the in-game text says there can be 1* Tournaments too, just like 2*:

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Lol, so true and yet it never clicked that it would actually happen,lol.

Having said that.

Does this mean that class only tournaments are also likely for the 1 and 2 stars?

Do you mean Tournaments with Element restrictions?

That I’m not sure about, but I can ask. The game text implies it could be possible, but I can imagine them having decided not to mix those together for 1* or 2* Tournaments.

But it would certainly be amusing if they had a 1* Tournament with red disallowed, and people ran all-Aife Defenses. :laughing:


Think of the gem sales in new roster spots this encourages. It makes good business sense.


It most certainly would be interesting and fun…

Like I was just stating to my alliance, bringing these 1 and 2 star battles in only means SG has finally made good use of everything the game has to offer.

It also allows for beginners to have wider range of competitions earlier on in the game thus making them feel better about themselves.

Brings in new strategies when it comes to leveling both heros and troops.

The only request I would make is lowering the raid tournaments joining level to allow for those beginners to participate sooner when the 1 and 2 star only battles are in session.

But overall excellent move by SG


I can see it now. 1* and 2* heroes will be added to all the event summon portals. You do a 10 draw from the Knights of Avalon portal and get eight 1s and two 2s to use in the new 1* and 2* tournaments.



Then come back here and read all the instant negative feedback,LOL


That’s maybe not that unlikely. They said in the AMA that they want that every hero is useable. I can imagine they didn’t only mean 3*, 4* and 5*.

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Every hero is usable.

For food.


@Halifax, yeah they got me for 700 gems for 10 roster spots and $10 for the trainers :confused:

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20 20 20 me too 20 20 20

1* battles are a bit boring, the specials are even less diverse than for 2*. When the day arrives, I will just go mono for defense and offense

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