Are raid ties possible?!?


has anyone ever had a draw ( both teams die) in a raid be4? check this out-i had leonidas left my opponent had joon left with a reposte from boril. so its just those 2. my leo is blinking soecial and has 265 hp left. his joon has aboyt the same. i hit joon with my leo special. kills joon. the reposte leaves leo with 1 hp!!! i won. but, im thinking that the reposte would have killed leo any other time. so, makes me think that raids are designed so a draw is impossible.


Defender wins in a draw.


Wow so i just got very very lucky to survive with 1 hp. Lol. Awesome!


Is it possible for both teams attacking and defending teams to losecall 5 heroes simultaneously?


Ya happens but then it still gives the win to the defender


Happened once to me…Defender won.


Here’s what I posted a few days back as what I figure the logic behind the decision is.

In the case of a mutual wipeout, the victory defaults to the defender.
Think of it in a military sense. You take a small force and attack an enemy stronghold. All your attackers get killed, as are all the defenders. But this was a stronghold. They not only had the fighting defenders, they had the support people as well, cooks, medics, and suchlike. They might not be able to fight heroes, but they are still there to pick up the pieces and throw the attacker’s bodies out the gate so they don’t gain anything. The attackers don’t take all those folks along so once their heroes are defeated, that’s it.
Hence the default to a defense win in the case of a mutual kill.


No, attackers have a turn after that its defenders turn


Thats pretty much the exact situation im speaking of. And this is the best answer ive read so far. Ty


I thought that with leo at 1 hp- that it was a default mech. To avoid all attackers/defenders from dying. Very rare situation indeed but definitely got me thinking about the what if


I had a raid recently where my last hero died a millisecond after their last hero. I was credited with the win.