Are quests worth the energy? - Guide

I have so many recruits and food tied up with them I’m actually trying to shed recruits by keeping them maxed. I’m generally ham starved.

I only do Rare Quest, Trial Quests, Gems Quests, Recruit II that have ETT, Battle Item that have Raid Energy.
Currently focus on Valhalla avatar misssion.
If there are no mission left, maybe I do some of craft material level 1 for Leather Strips (minor mana resource).

I complete all the quests. No logic involved, I just view it as one of the game objectives to complete the quests I receive.
By the way, I find it a problem in the game design that a player loses from completing quests the game generated for him.

I always do all the quests, OCD to get them all saying ‘completed’ ha! Mainly on autoplay


All of them to save lootix 4 Atlantis. I just skip some, if there are too many other things to do that need we.

I do all the tasks without skipping. Sometimes we can receive special gifts when the missions are completed. My advice is to do as many tasks as you can.:two_hearts:

It depends on what I need.

I always do the rare ones, the emblem ones, and the gem ones.

I do recruits II if there is a ETT, or if I am in need of recruits (not very often).

The others I do if I need what the rewards are. At the moment I am in need of ham, so I did the food one earlier. My iron, on the other hand is nearly at max with several days before I can start a new building, so I skipped that one. On another occasion though, it might be the other way round.

The experience ones I do if I am close to levelling up.

The crafting items I rarely do, same for the battle items, though I sometimes do the latter if there is raid flask.

I did used to try to do them all, but with so much to do in the game and so little energy to go around all the various things, these last quests are the ones that get missed. This was often the case during PoV when the daily challenges were, eg, doing three underwater levels or three season three levels, which really eat into the limited energy, particularly when other events are going on.

I’m with @CarryAll @FrayFray and @MissCat, I do them all.

Easy to time them with filling up my monster chest and can be done on autoplay. Sometimes you can get pleasantly surprised by the odd Orichalcum Nugget popping up in a low effort quest like Battle Items 1 or something.

Sure, you may not see the WE usage as efficient as map farming, but it’s something that helps fill the monster chest.

I am doing all class quests and rare quests.
If I don’t feel like filling up chests, then I am doing most gem quests as well. I don’t need recruits really (I have TC20 stacked like for 260 days) so I am skipping Recruit Finder as well unless there is ETT.

Depends on where you’re at in the game. Early on, do everything you can. You’ll eventually figure out what’s worth it.

Personally, as with many others — rare quests, challenges, special events, and trials — always. FR2 only if there’s an ETT. Gem quests, as long as AR isn’t on. XP? Depends on how bored I am.

I’m at the stage where the normal quests just don’t give me anything worthwhile. I spend most of my energy plinking away at S2 and 3 missions.

I completely missed this thread. Thank you for shining a spotlight on it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Any 3, 4, 6 WE quest for experience. Rare, troop 2 if token. Gain experience. Gems.

I don’t do any of the 3,4,6 or Gain Exp. if during AR.

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