Are people setting their expectations too high for this game?

I wasn’t suggesting SGG take their business elsewhere. I was suggesting that the players who are treated poorly do so. Their time and money deserve better. They deserve better. If players are unhappy, balance their balance sheet.

SGG can stop the game at anytime per the ToS.


profits are very high… not our expectations :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ahaa, got it….

I seemed the other way….first glance.

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Expectations & Poverty

Expectations? It’s not that. It’s hope. We all want a better quality of life and strive for it. When a system is unable to acknowledge or change to better suit the environmental needs of those living in it’s society all we can do is be outraged, hurt, even disappointed in those who are leading. The only expections we have are those first few minutes of exploring our new surroundings and to adjust to what is. Afterwards it’s all hope things will change for the greater good.


lots of great points already made in this thread.

All I’ll add is that expectations evolve over time. My expectations today are different from when I started playing 4 years ago.

I think my big turning point was last year’s Q&A, the infamous one that dropped the “game economy” phrase. that really drove home that revenue is such a big driver in game decisions, and it also made me adjust my own expectations.


Yeah that phrase “game economy” shook up the EP player base, the ones who knew about that QnA, and followed that thread, or who were informed by someone who did.


that was a bombshell, that one. especially as it was used to justify so many things (like making Valhalla Forever give less loot than Atlantis Rising, among others…)!

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On hindsight, it is the perfect phrase to describe their monetisation policy.

SGG has their “game economy”.

Suppose Us players have our “play economy”. :joy::rofl:


2017 to 2019 the game was fun
2020 to 2021 the game starts to speed up the pace of new heroes/events
Late 2021 till now its gone crazy
Lots of new powerful heroes
Lots of events
Lots of deals on the screen
Lots of bait and switch “buffs/nerfs”
Beta got completely ignored by devs
Community complains and devs dont give a dang
Most players who didnt quit are staying for their alliance buddies or just because they invested money and couldnt leave and expect things to get better again
Anyway dont get to attached to this game…its a game after all…play it at your own pace and dont listen too much to the others you’ll be ok with it no matter what devs do
Im ftp i mostly complain through memes to make people laugh and take the game as a game.


I wonder how many players started out playing E&P with the expectation of spending thousands on it. Expectations change all the time.

When I started playing I looked at how the game was set up (4+ years ago) and expected that I would not be spending. I have kept that expectation.


Why is not spending in four years agood thing though? If someone came to my resteraunt for 4 years and only had a water and watched t.v. i cant see that as a win

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I suppose even then that person might go to work the next day and say, “Yeah, I like hanging out in that restaurant, you should check it out,” and the co-workers might decide to buy an empanadilla when they come.

I have the business acumen of a Cherrystone clam, but I imagine someone at SGG has done that calculation.

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If you offer a grilled cheese sandwich and a kobe steak on you menu is the customer less of a customer because he chose the sandwich?

They make revenue off me no matter my spending habits. At the very least, MV. And I have spent as much on this game as I would on any console game I have bought. I am not entirely F2P.

My point was, how many start the game expecting right up front to be spending that much per month? Or are they gradually sucked into spending that much over time? Because yes, the game is insidious that way and it takes willpower to not be sucked in.


When I downloaded E&P I didn’t have any expectations, because I hadn’t played that kind of game before. I wanted to play it, because of the graphics, vivid colours, fantasy world vibe and dragons. I didn’t know that one can spend a small fortune in a simple 3-match phone game. First I didn’t want to spend a dime on it and be F2P, but after a month I realised that I play this game every day and I really enjoy it, so I decided to buy VIP to say “thank you” to the devs. And that was it.

From time to time I feel that urge that I want new 5* heroes like C.Athena, Freya or Rayne. Once I did that mistake and I spent much more that I usually did. That was :woman_facepalming: Tavern of Legends and I chased C. Athena. I bought most offers for gems and coins and I spent all of them… Of course I got nothing, all I got was rare and epic heroes. I was so angry that I wasted my money that I stopped buying VIP for a few months. Till now I don’t buy it regularly.

Maybe there was one expectation that I had and now I know it will never be met. I thought that I can farm anything, that by playing I can get certain heroes or certain items. There is nothing I can do to get i.e. C. Freya. I can only spend a small fortune to buy gems and try to get her.



They did state “water and tv”, not a sammich vs steak. You are 100% correct that a purchased sammich doesn’t make one less of a customer than someone who pays for a steak.

MV is fine and dandy, but we all do it for a chance at that 4* mat or the 20,30,50 emblems that can drop.
Supporting a product you enjoy even if you spend a couple of bucks here and there is different than not spending at all. No one plays the game out of the goodness of their heart or donates to it for nothing at all. Not spending anything at all for years and constantly complaining about the pace of their progress and not getting anything at all and the greed of the devs is vastly different than spending a bit here and there and getting a sour feeling about those same things. (Not saying the devs do majority of the things correctly nor that it’s not predatory)

I’m not sure that was their point. I think spending a bit here and there on something you enjoy should be expected from everyone to a degree. No one should be expected to spend a car payment worth of money on this game or any other game while at the same time the devs shouldn’t be exploiting human weaknesses.

I also believe that the game should be more generous all around.

But in the end, to each their own.


Irrelevant. I said it was MY point.

If by “their” you mean OP then their point is that players may be setting expectations above what devs can (or are willing to) deliver, thus setting themselves up for disappointment and frustration.

Others commented that people who spend have the right to high (unrealistic?) expectations and should be allowed to vent and complain.

Yet others complained that the devs are just greedy (a common theme here on the forums).

My point was that I don’t believe many players start playing with the expectation of spending that much, thus their initial expectations are not that high. Expectations tend to grow as the spending grows if they get caught up in that spiral. I would hazard a guess that there are very few players unrepresented on the forums here that spend that much. The forums are skewed.

And they were responding to me. Nowhere here have I ever said that I limit myself to “water and tv” as in never spend. That was a misrepresentation of me that I sought to correct.


Sorry, I didn’t mean to insinuate anything if it came across that way.

I was just trying to say that while you’re absolutely correct that most people don’t venture in expecting to spend a boat load of money in this game or anything else, if you enjoy a product and have for years, spending a bit here and there over the years just seems reasonable (from my own pov and how I view things).

In your comment I do see that you were replying to DoctorStrange. But their comment doesn’t have that reply arrow so I thought they were replying to one of the above posts from someone that religiously reminds everyone they’ve always been F2P yet constantly complains.

It wasn’t intentional on my end to suggest you’re a “water and tv” player at all. I was just speaking in general. Again, apologies if it came across that way.

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If you respond to the post directly above you the arrow is not shown. Bit of a shortcoming in the forum software IMHO. I knew the response was to me because that’s how I was notified. I apologise for not realizing that was unclear to others.

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