Are people setting their expectations too high for this game?

We all see the complaints, the hate, the frustrations. People frustrated features they ask for being ignored, things going through beta they dislike, heroes being nerfed after people spend money chasing after them. Are the players being unfair to the developers?

I don’t get the “unfair” part tbh. Some players dislike where things are going in the game and they are vocal about it. I guess they still care about the game itself, so they hope for a change before they leave it. :man_shrugging:


For me to be fair it’s swings and roundabouts…
I honestly get the frustration to a point.
I understand some of the disappointment when heroes get a nerf especially when they don’t need it … for example Buddy and Rudolph…
It can also be confusing for players when they ask questions in Q&A sessions but don’t get a direct response. Similarly when SG / Zynga ask the players which hero should get a buff / nerf and then nothing happens to the majority of heroes being put forward - without any explanation….

That said I personally think that some complaint threads can be over the top.

It’s right to get things off your chest and “vent” for example about W3K. But when you are then told nothing is going to be done about it because it’s not a “priority” … Should you continue to complain about the same thing? Or move on? There is no right or wrong answer because there are two sides of a coin…

The one thing I will say is that I personally think it’s bad if the majority of players in Beta say something is “wrong” and it gets ignored ie Kalo springs to mind ….

I don’t think players are being “unfair” to anyone. Many are passionate about the game and will therefore be vocal about it. It’s precious to them……So like I said swings and roundabouts


It is a game, the point is entertainment. People expect to have fun. It’s understandable that the developers want to make as much money as they can, but what I got from the last Q&A is that fun is no longer a priority.


Yes, fun used to be the primary factor in driving sales when you bought a game outright or for a subscription.

Now it has been replaced by addiction.

There’s a ton of useless ranting in these forum pages, although it’s a public forum so nothing wrong with that.

The real desperation seems to come from people having spent beyond their means to acquire a product which has since been altered.

Or invested too much time in events which are not fun, but could be with a little more application.

Both of these seem unfair, and people have every right to feel upset at the devs for failing to meet expectations.

It comes down to greed, as with anything. How short can we sell our game for those who are already on the hook?


It doesn’t seem unreasonable that a game company listen to their players and work on at least a couple things players have requested. Nor unreasonable to have a little better drop rate in summons.


Hero Academy finally made it’s way out of development, Soul Exchange was implemented, and at least we can buy ascension materials if we choose.

Things have changed, and it seems they are listening. While they find a way to monetize our requests, they are being listened to, developed and released.

The only thing they need to work on, is listening to beta more closely, before releasing a hero, to prevent a nerf after whales (and others who should have saved thier money) aquire it.

The issue with this mobile game is literally that they are set up to milk and frustrate people into quitting. They dont want long term players, they want constant sporadic spending. When it first came out the game was fun because there were a few op heroes and nerfs but nowhere near the magnitude of today.

When season 2 dropped the heroes fit the mold they didnt break it, then after season 3 was met kind of lukewarmly, whatever happened after the telluria debacle, the fun is not the same as it was. There are simply just to many heroes with most atrocious odds i have ever seen.

When people spend hard earned money, they have a right to have expectations and anyone saying otherwise is full of themselves. You go out to eat and the food is bad they either remake it or refund your money, even the casino will toss you some free drinks, but not here, zynga/SG aint goin. If you are not spending you are not seeing the full work put into the game and thats just not right.

So many things they could add to retain players and keep players spending but as soon as you have ideas that can help to better, the "its their game, they do what they want, if you dont like it leave crowd gets insanely loud.

This game isnt worth the money at this point and i wouldnt recommend it to anyone especially with the titles avaiable. Empires had its time and now its simply a reminder of what not to do, as the majority of players today are only here becusse of the friends they have made along the way.


The answer is probably yes because the reality can’t get much lower


Remember when we thought for over a year that Hero Academy was essentially going to be a useful and efficient way to use duplicates? :rofl: (Mar 2019)

Hero Academy was released in June 2020 without the chance of getting a costume. Remember this post?

A year later, in June 2021 we could potentially draw the costume for the hero in HA10 (likely to placate the outrage of releasing non-S1 costumes after their total rejection by beta players).

It wasn’t until Feb 2022 that Soul Exchange was rolled out at a rate of 10 - 20:1.

Why did I spend all of this time looking up the timeline of these features? Because the years of disappointment along the way is minimized by the quoted statement and they ignored a lot of beta input along the way. I bet less than 10% of the players hoping for HA to solve the duplicate problem in 2019 stuck around 3 years to see HA10 and Soul Exchange implemented. We’ve seen mods quit in that timeframe. Not only that, the features are still not very satisfying to use. The soul exchange ratio is expensive and the HA10 rate for a non-S1 hero or costume is very low; especially for a building level that takes a long time and dedication to unlock.

I’m somewhat impressed that you’ve been around long enough to see this evolution and not be disheartened by the drawn-out process and underwhelmed by the end product. I applaud your optimistic outlook. I, on the other hand, still see what could have been --especially given the early suggestions in beta for HA and the active player lounge for what became SE-- and it makes me sort of sad to see the route SGG chose instead. I’m sure SGG disagrees, as they’ve likely made a lot of money and managed to retain a relatively constant player count. Good for them, I suppose. The whale hunt will end someday, though.


Depends on your perception of “fair”.

From Zynga/SGG’s perception, they have been fair, reasonable because:

  1. It’s their game. They can do whatever they want with it, and “graciously” conceding some QoL (eventually) provided they can monetise that QoL, is Fair to them.

  2. Because they are a business and businesses are there to make money. SGG bigwig said it in an interview in the game’s early years (someone posted it somewhere in this forum). And they are dead set on milking as much as they can, from this game while they can.

From Players’ point of view:

  1. Zynga/SGG want money, then they need to deliver entertainment, that must be “fun” enough to warrant players’ continued outflow of money

  2. “Fun” is not necessarily only from the constant gambling euphoria provided by summon portals. Fun comes too from players satisfying their sense of progress & achievement : whatever it may be.

  3. Customers like to be attended to. Feedback given should be appreciated and implemented asap, otherwise give a reasonable answer why it can’t be done. Keeping silent only drives player frustration.

One key example is Dupes. From Year 1, players clamoured for a solution. Ignored. Zynga/SGG only conceded SE in Year 5 after it was patently obvious that HA was a massive failure in solving this problem.

I have said it before, and I will say it again: this is the only game in this genre that didn’t have a built in solution for dupes, from the get go. This only shows the lack of depth from SGG in addressing player QoL. All they wanted is money, till they got bought out by Zymga and continued to reap their golden payments for the next 3 years.

The list of grievances by now etc is very long. Player attrition rate is climbing. New intake is slowing down. Yet Zynga/SGG is determinedly following their strategy of “let’s get their money while we can”. Nothing wrong there.

Players baying out at Zynga/SGG in return is to be expected.

This is “fair”.


It’s like flare pants. There is nothing new, everything that was will eventually come back.

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Addiction tools first.
Monitor which impact the wheels they turn have on the spending habits of the players.
Then comes higher sale numbers. If these one day remain steady, then comes a focus on fun gameplay just for the reason of fun.

The mobile gaming industry has gone down this road for so long that it has become the new normal. Sadly so.

If a game is F2P, I now know to stay away.

I’m sure there are great games that are labelled F2P. But all I read is P2G - Pay To Gamble.

Many pc games have a monthly subscription at around 12€, granted.
But at least those games comes with immersion and deep diving lore quests that are written well. These games comes without microtransactions. And they come together with beautiful scenery.

If only mobile gamers can one day see such a game :pray:


Answer to the OP is = Obviously yes, the expectations r very high.

  • Hence lots of expressed disappointments, outburst, related emotions.

  • Occassional positives too.

  • without getting into rationale of correct or not… I will leave it at that,
    Then it can get into a never ending debate = somehow anyhow … prove one’s point is correct.


No. Players are parting with copious amounts of money that the developers receive. Players should have high expectations. When not delivered, they should demand better or take their business elsewhere.


This for that, quid pro quo, it’s an expectation to receive for giving.

Some will get more than expected, and they will defend the system.
Some will get less than expected, and they will criticize the system.
Some will get nothing, and they will hate the system.

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better question: what is ‘fair’?

I keep expectations low. Been f2p for over a year now i dont have a crazy deep roster but still manage to do decent in wars in an advanced alliance( sitting around 650 in rank right now) and ill get anywhere from 1st place to top 15 in wars generally.

Makes the good stuff that much sweeter. I found when i would spend on pulls or whatever I’d usually get the hearbreak and frustration etc. If people wanna spend hundreds of dollars on a hero cuz its new and Shiney and they dont get it well the odds are clearly posted. The whole thing of not listening to beta and releasing heros OP then nerfing them though feels a bit shady and should be taken very seriously. Beta is there for a reason ar times it definitely feels they intentionally ignore the feedback cuz that $ is everything.

Theres alot of QoL stuff the devs obviously ignore on purpose like buffing s1 heros (without needing a costume that is) or older HOTMs etc would also be nice to have some sort of exchange where iron could be made into food but doubt thatll ever happen since now food bundles are being sold.

So yeah i minimize frustration by lowered expectations. All my best pulls been freebies anyways and focus of the positives if the game like it being a fun time waster, the friends ive made in the alliance and in fourums or the community like in line groups or through YouTube channels etc.

But i guess it depends on who you ask cuz id say theres definitely players out there that expect a 5* with every 10 pull or whatever and get very upset when it doesn’t work out yet theyll keep repeating that cycle cuz the times it does work out its a fix just like pulling a slot machine and having it spew out quarters.

So i think theres some sway in both ends of the spectrum between players and the devs… both want what they want and when one side dictates the terms the other side feels helpless at times. For the few carrots we get tossed theres alot of stick we get too. But it is a business 1st and foremost. Just us being clients it would be nice to be listend to a bit more. Obviously they cant grant all the wishes or theyd never make money but i think there could be more sway on the side of the devs in certain areas and aspects the community keeps asking about and seems to get ignored



Fair point…

Only error in your comment is… SG cannot go anywhere OR take their business elsewhere :smile:
It’s the dissatisfied player, who has to take appropriate steps… actions = to send SG out of his / her system !

SG can’t / won’t / shouldn’t stop this game !

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The addiction model is key, or turning players into payers…

One of the issues with the current mobile game market is… it’s really entrenched. Starting out as a more traditional gamer I heard Nintendo released their first mobile game, which had to be paid for, and it didn’t do well. The market doesn’t seem to be particularly open to the old model.

Returning to the topic question…

I began playing the game with the understanding of this addiction model, though I’m not against spending if I do find enjoyment in the game. That said, I rarely ever spend and if I do it’s the alliance gems offer. As such, I’ve kept my expectations in relative check as a result knowing I won’t get to be near the top of any ranking. But I play for enjoyment and not competition, so my expectations are different.