Are offers getting "better"?

The two offers that popped today seem to have a few extra gems than I expected at the dollar amount they were going for. Specifically, the $4 offer had 500 gems, normally we see 500 gems in offers for $5. The $30 offer had 3300 gems, which is 300 extra gems over a normal $30 offer.

Are we seeing price cuts or are these normal fluctuations that I normally don’t track?


Short answer: No

Longer answer:
That’s the two offers I have today

The 500 gems offer (onatel) is nothing new, the exact same offer was already there a few times, so nothing new, neither better nor worse.

The 3300 gems for a little bit over 30€ could be new, don’t know for sure, at least I found no Screenshot in the line info group I’m in. But there were already a few other offers which I would consider better or at least as good, so I don’t know if it’s new, but definitely not better.

Here another offer, same price, 100 gems more and a 4* mats instead of few 3* mats. There are more coins, but I would rate a 4* mats much higher than 2 troop coins and one hero coin.

Or here another one, nearly same gems and a 4* mats for only ⅔ of the price. Not sure if the 5 coins are worth 10€


Next week is going to be Valhalla and the new starfall event, so they’re prepping us up. And no, the offers are never great. I would only buy 1 tier one pack only, with the eht and that’s it.

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