Are new 5* heroes meant to be for new players?

Everyone who is playing longer than a year on p2w has good heroes.

They have every HOTM and most of the event heroes. So there are 2 new 5 stars in an event. IF you get a five star (1 procent) Chances are 60% you get an old hero. I wouldn’t care to have 2 panthers… lol but for “old” players nearly only chances are for going for hotm. That’s a 1.3 procent chance.
In events old players have 99.6% chance NOT getting the new heroes.

NEW players off course have the same chances but they get more useful 5*.

Old players will have to spend lots of money (if they’re not lucky enough) to get a brand new hero, so they will not be highly motivated to get the newest heroes. Maybe 1 10 pull but then it stops if you have 10 feeders… Lol. So i find new heroes are for new players :smiley:

Okay i’ll hear you :slight_smile:

Of course it’s much more difficult to get a good hero if you already have many of those.

When you start the game any 5* is a game changer for you, even Thorne. The more heroes you have, the easier is to pull a duplicate. Applies to TC20 as well.

But many old players don’t have any event 5*. I’d be happy to pull Guin or Arthur and I play since June 2018 although I’m not a big spender.


In this game, we have so much old players that dont have 5* heroes, or have 1 or 2 classic (TC20)
Cuz the majority is F2P or Low spenders.
i am new (7 months) and only have 5 - 5 stars heros.
new heros is for new players… and people that have only a few heros in his roster.

If it takes 25% of your effort to get 50% of the heroes, it takes 25% more effort to get the next 25% of the heroes, then it’ll take 50% of your effort to get that last 25% of the heroes. That’s how it goes in almost any game. It’s called min/max’ing. I remember spending a small fortune in a competitive raid guild in an mmorpg to get 10 more attack power and 25 more crit points. The last bit is hard to get.


Whales are going to spend. They’re going to have the new heroes. They aren’t stopping at 10.


New players are actually coming in at a disadvantgage.
The pool of 3*/4*/5* that they can get now if far deeper than what “old” players, like me, had available, at different times.
And chances are they will not have the AMs to do anything effective with them, whereas the older players have such depth for new heroes, due to time served.
As to the whales, i cannot comment. I spend some $$$, but nothing major.
About 25% of my roster consists of 5* that I cant max out, at this time.
It really is all relative.

Just my 2 centavos

I suspect new event heroes are to keep older players engaged. That’s typically the point of refreshing old content. It also serves to help provide an incentive to spend money while addressing balance changes and needs.

Assuming nothing drastic changes, White Rabbit from new Wonderland is going to be the first straight defense down yellow hero that the game has, for instance.

So I don’t believe its purpose is to draw in new players, no. Those guys would squee over pulling an Ulmer, just to be condescending. :wink::shushing_face:

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That’s why some player proposed in beta to have the new monthly event summon in the same format of Atlantis, aka better odds for newest heroes.

I’m not a spender and honestly i don’t have a single legendary event hero, so it absolutely change anything to me, but i totally agree with it.

It’s normal that more you summon, more the chance to have duples increase.

But it’s totally different if it’s something new that YOU COULDN’T pull before because not avalaible.

I have no interest in chasing event heros

I have the guardian set, the avalon set, none of the Alice heros, some of the fables set, and some of the pirates

But guardians was key because panther
Avalon was key because guin

I dont see big time game changers upcoming. Sure i see “nice to have” additions if i got them but none that i find worth chasing

The rabbit was one i wanted to chase but that thought died when i saw costumed vivica

So sure i guess you could say it’s for new players but really it’s case by case basis

Some veterans have the “gotta have em all” mentality

Where i typically already have a mental list of who i want and who would/wouldnt get mats depending on how the dice roll out

I know the voids in my roster and right now the only 1 that fills a big void is kingston which is a hotm that i can get from atlantis summons that also have the bonus mat chests and some heros I’d like to have dupes of(ariel, poseidon) and 2 i dont have any of yet(misandra and mok-arr though neither would probly ever see mats)

Also noticed a few of the new heros that caught my eye are slow mana, and while i do make use of slow mana i already have, i got those while chasing something else. I didnt specifically pull for them and i doubt i will these either.

That being said I’ll probly do 1 10x pull per event and that’s it. Rest I’ll just rack up shards and see what happens


I think it’s totally for the new players. Someone playing a few months can do some event pulls if he chooses to spend money and will be happy getting whoever because there will be no duplicates.Adding new strong heroes will allow newer players to “ catch up” to people playing for years much faster. “Power creep” complAints are unfounded because of the pace of the game progression. It’s not a bad thing for long term players because you probably have a solid roster and for the new guy who wants to spend he can probably be competing in six months if that’s the goal. Side note: f2p will stay in same boat and keep being “ designated driver” by their own choice…having fun out there… getting a participation ribbon

My alt account has been playing since Jan 17 and has exactly zero (0) event or HotM 5* heros. I’m the leader of a pretty decent alliance ([Helios] Turtle Farm). I’m border line platinum diamond. I’m doing ok and will stay totally F2P.

Conversely, I think it’s more aimed at the old players. New content to keep them engaged in the game.

I’m somewhat of an older player - 18 months now - but my only event hero currently is Arman (yay). I don’t spend to chase and i doubt I ever will. If they come, they come. Depends on how lucky I am with EHT’s.

Maybe that should read aimed at the old players who spend.

I guess it depends on your philosophy.

Me, as a C2P who has been playing for coming up on a year, I’m still happy to pull any 4* or 5* hero, even duplicates or bad ones. If I ever get to a point where I have enough maxed 5* to fill every war team (very unlikely I’ll ever get there), I don’t think I would see any purpose in spending any more money. But if you’re one of those “gotta catch em all” types, you had better be prepared to shell out boatloads of money, regardless of whether you’re a new player or a veteran.

Hi! Noob question: alt account mean another account?? why do some people play alt account?

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Yes it does. Some of us run 2 different accounts. I have one where I spend and one where I do not. I consider my pay account to be my main, and the free to be my alt.

Back the the topic, I would say that new 5* heros are meant for spenders, old and new. In my pay account I chase newer heros, and in my free game I’m satisfied with whatever comes from TC20.

Many regular players have alternate accounts because you run out of flags so quickly, they need something to do while waiting for them to replenish. One account doesn’t really occupy a lot of time in a day, unless you spend a lot of time in chat (or here on the forum).

I started just over 6 months ago. I have quite a few Atlantis and a few event Heroes. No HOTM. I don’t spend much and if I do it’s less than $5 a month. I just use my diamonds wisely and only summon during events I want. I only have one 5* hero. And seven 4* with 3 being duplicates.

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