Are lootboxes gambling? Australian inquiry

Wouldn’t be surprised if some on here were tempted to resort to such measures, after not being able to pull a 5* for the nth time

Very sad

Fixed rarity

I agree with this 1000%

But I just remembered this morning that trading card packs also have a guaranteed number of epic and legendary.

Not only can you trade your 3rd Joon for Lianna, but the odds are 0% that a pack will have zero Legendary heroes and 0% that a pack will not have X% epic heroes.

Duplicates are a problem ( see secondary market), but bad runs of rarity are not.

With merciless RNG, hundreds of summons may yield 100% rare heroes.

So lootboxes are closer to gambling than trading cards.


Another common Empires complaint is no way just to buy Atlantis heroes, or just Guardians heroes.

I think this is because no secondary market forcing the game studio ( Devs just following bosses’ orders), to be competitive.

Pokémon GO has trade and this directly influences what Niantic can get away with.

Unrestricted trade is bad ( see Ingress resellers and WoW gold farmers ) but that can successfully be worked around.


Yep we sure need more competition

From a discussion on Pokémon GO shiny hunting ( think cosmetic only costumes).


I wish the article was not in Psychology Today, but am interesting argument that video game addiction exists and any video game with persistent bonuses ( leveling up, collecting, building, etc. ) can be addicting because it can lead to destructive decision making ( missing sleep/ driving distracted to empty energy meter/ empty temporary storage/ participate in a limited time event).



Simulated gambling. Love the phrase.


Spot on. Way to go Australia. Come on rest of the world!!

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Wouldn’t celebrate just yet, it’s just a recommendation…

The key part of that SS however is only to include “Adult Verification”

It doesn’t do anything more than that in terms of regulation… :s


Getting back to normal life requires a comprehensive approach and constant fight with your inner demons. However, following these five steps can help you get on the right track:

Research your condition. Find out what are the leading causes of your addiction and temptation.
Apply for therapy of your gambling addiction. Find professional medical and psychological help.
Find support. Cooperate with other gamblers who want to quit or join the existing support communities.
Solve your financial problems. Find help and financial advice in the national and charity organisations.
Stop gambling. Add yourself to the gambling self-exclusion scheme in your country, or any other territory you can get access to the online casinos.

You can find more information about help centres and organisations for players who suffer from gambling addiction.

Here is a question to all you so called non gamblers not gambling on the possibility of getting minute chances in loot boxes.

How many of you still play this game because

  1. You love it and you just can’t get enough of it

  2. Because you’ve invested so much money into it that you can’t bring yourself to stopping to make all those pointless expenditures comprehensable and feel ashamed you threw all that money away.

  3. Or are you in general a weekly lotto player type of person that lives in the hope of getting something out of astronomical odds and whine about it but yet can’t help yourself but keep doing it, thus a typical lotto player.

One of these make you a Gambler! Guess which one?

Loot boxes are offered with a chance of element, any game in the world weather online or not that offers a chance element with it is considered a gambling element weather is is paid or free, the only question is “how far or much are you prepared to go or spend while you fantise about getting what you want”?

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