Are Level Up rewards disproportionate

Just levelled up again after what seemed an eternity. Does anyone else think the rewards for a level up, particularly for 50+ are pretty pathetic?


I very much agree, i am about to level from 56 to 57, for which i will receive one of each recharge pot and a silver token… i have 13 raid flasks, 37 world energy flasks and 10 titan flasks, so one more of each is not really needed.

The silver token will pull me a one star feeder, which will put a sliver of experience onto my level 77 Isnaria… so it is literally a case of ‘thanks for nothing’

I have 2 World Energy Flasks and 0 Titan flasks. I will always gladly receive these. A shiny gold token wouldn’t be amiss though. :wink:


Many users

(Improve Token or Other Rewards for player level upgrades - #2 by Kerridoc)


I have no need for Raid Flasks, but why sit on 37 WE and 10 Titans, I’d burn through the WE on Atlantis/events all day long, and Titan flasks get used as they come.


I’d say that an EHT is ok and maybe more gems! Is long way for leveling up just for 10 gems…

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Yeah. 10 gems and another lousy summon at normal gate. But don’t think that this will be ever changed. gosh imagine how it would be for a level 60 to get the compensation for the gap in one mail?

I just hit level 55…the rewards were so crappy that absolutely NOTHING showed up on my activity log.


Another slap in the face of a player who has chosen their game to play & tries hard to jump a level.

Thanks for the disrespectful level loot. ONE BASİC TOKEN. LMFAO! how much greedyer can they get.