Are level 80 fast heroes unbalanced on defense?

they still do not see the the fast 5 heroes stars are one shoting other 5 stars hero?they do not see peple stacking fast heroes on defending team because virtualy you cannot kill them before they do it? How about increasing the armor for the slow 5 star heroes so they will not be oneshoted?

Maybe you should change tactics? I just raided someone with Sartana, Lianna, Joon, Ares and Athena. With my 4* team, granted I did have a lucky board, but my team power was way lower. But if I can win, why can’t you with your 5* team? You can of course figure out it would be helpful to bring someone who increases defense on your heroes. If I have Kiril active, maxed Joon no longer one shots my maxed 4* heroes.

Instead of calling names, you could see if the developers are really “retarded” or you are just bad at tactics. :wink:

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ok so because you had a lucky board means the 5 stars heroes are balanced. Wow you are a genius :))))

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you mean a strategy to have a lucky board? :)))

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No, because I can beat the defense teams you are talking about with a 4* team. Even without a lucky board, I do manage sometimes. But for me winning from a 5* team should be hard, otherwise those 5* heroes wouldn’t be strong enough, would they?

No, I am not good at tactics because I get lucky boards, I am just good, because I enjoy playing more than complaining because I am a sore looser…


what tactics are you talking about? i shoot 3 ramdom tiles his 5 star front hero get full mana he is oneshooting one of my 5 star hero or if not one shooting than the hero dies from the next ormal attack. Explain which tactic would you do to avoid this.

Like I wrote before, make sure he can’t one shot more heroes, bring defense buffers and healers and kill his heroes. You can still win if you loose one hero, you know that, right?

also explain me this. i shoot one grup of 3 tiles and after the second one. Than 3 of heroes shoot with normal attack. Than i shoot one more grup of 3 tiles his hes 2 heores shoot next with the normal attack. how do you explain this situation. no to metion he shot 5 times and me 3 times and he did much more damage than my damage with my tiles which is also spread on his heroes. My tiles attack does less damage if the worng color but normal hero attack is not that affected.

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@aadi222, I have also noticed the same thing during raids. In particular, the part where you are talking about how and/or why does the other team get off so many more shots compared to the one shot that you get. I’ve been wondering about that myself. I’ve raided with level 4 heroes and level 5, and the same thing happens regardless of what level hero I am using.

One the thing I have realized is, before you decide to go forward with the raid, check your opponents heroes levels. Because they could have a team of all level 3 heroes with a total TP that is less than yours, but if they have all of them completely maxed out and you only have your level 4 or 5 heroes leveled up or ascended once, then his heroes match per match could have more strength then your 4 or 5 level heroes. I hope that all made sense…lol… If not please, feel free to reply and ask me any questions.


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Calling names isn’t going to get anything solved and instantly makes your point seem way less valid.

If someone responds and tries to explain and you respond toxic to them and with sarcasm, yet again your point seems less valid.

Could this be a solid discussion with a proposed solution? Sure. The base premise of your point isn’t a bad one, maybe slow heroes should get extra armor because the faster charging heroes are so much better at defense. The way you’re responding to people and the way you started this thread ensures that this discussion probably won’t be held here though.

I agree with Konijntje, you might want to look at your tactics again. Not saying you can always change something and luck of the board is sometimes definitely needed, but with the right setup and timing of specials / tactics on the board available you can go a long way. If Konijntje can clear teams with multiple fast 5* s with a 4* team semi regularly then either she is always super lucky or she might have some kind of tactic that works. I would try and learn from her rather than greet it with toxic comments.


Honestly, i find annoying only Lianna and Magni for speed mana builders, the rest you can deal with it just using some tricks.
I kinda grow to like slow mana builders with huge attack (see Colen/Azlar, Little John) or annoying status ability (see Wu tao/Justice again Little John)

Long story short, fast mana team are surely great teams, but not “the best everytime” as you trying to say.

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Changed the title.

That said, I tried pushing cups for a bit (capped around 2600, barely in the top 100 rank wise) and I ran into the same issues with my mostly level 70 team.

I chalked it up to needing 80’s and to refactor my raid attack team somewhat to play consistently higher, but for about a week (ended today when finally blew through my ham and iron stash) I stayed ~90-~180 winning about 50% of the time… but losing nearly 100% of the time when I faced level 80 lianna / joon / etc in raid.

Certainly felt that the scaling of raids perhaps skewed to much in favor of the defense, but back at 2000 cups again I’m winning 95% of my attacks so I admit when losing consistently I wasn’t the most objective :).

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I’m gonna change the title again. Because the grammar n*** in me is going nuts. :grin:

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One of the issues the OP might want to consider is double colour usage… being able to tear thru the tank by giving it double dmg for the same mana gain is a game changer… it opens up the board… gives u a place to send gems for double mana etc… and since u can find opponent, then change team, you can always double colour opposite the tank. You’d be surprised how quickly Lianna dies to double red :slight_smile:


Well in my case I was doubling vs. tank and killing it after 1 cast 80% of the time.

It was the fast damage heroes in a supporting role which were wrecking me TBH; one case of Marjana of all things tanking not-withstanding (terrible board for blue heh, great board for my missing green hero).

They censor the word Nazi?

Ha. Nevermind. It definitely the other N word

The problem with defense stackers is that there’s no way my Kiril will get to pop his buff before front-row Lianna one shots two people. Unless I get a great board. Then she’ll just 1-shot one since the great board will stack her and she’ll get to move first :scream_cat:

I meant Nazi. I’ve been on other international games that censor the word. I do NOT use the other one! Bleah!

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