Are hidden blades and compasses super rare now?

Except for tome of Tactics, I currently have enough items to ascend two 5 star red, one 5 star blue, one 5 star green and one 5 star yellow to final ascension, but tomes of tactics are so rare that I have none. There the items sit and my Heroes sit at max 3rd tier…waiting…and yes, i got the 1 tome from the most recent event already.

What’s a 5 star hero?

I’ll never get to use them, they just sit and collect dust. I would need 8 blades to use them. I’m also full on telescopes, tonics, darts… I have done a 10 draw on purple, red, blue, yellow, and also on 3 different events. I’ve turned in every hero token I’ve had since September, and done a couple dozen single draws. I’ve had nothing from tc20 yet. I got Sartana once, my only 5 star. A 5 star is so insanely rare and you need double the rare 3 star items that you also use on your 4 stars. I’m willing to bet most people are just sitting on 4 star rares they don’t need or will never use. It’s not exciting to get one.

Oh I don’t know. I got a Magni not that long ago, and immediately leapt to max him.

I think getting excited is largely a matter of having the necessary ascension items and knowing your 5*’s (which usually happen to more seasoned players.)

The Forum has many posts that advise where to hunt for ascension items. My current favorite is Rare Quests. :wink:

Id love to have hidden blades, compasses, warm cape, trap tools. I have one cape and glove. Almost everyone needs those. I’ve been playing for over a month and haven’t gotten anything. Its sad when you open Up the titan chest and have food iron a couple gems and a back pack. If it wasn’t for our awesome alliance. I’d have quite several weeks ago

In the time I’m playing, 3 months, I got 1 compas. Last week I got 3!!! more. 1 from a titan loot, 1 from a titan chest and 1 with the event by completing the medium stages.

It takes forever. You’re looking at the better part of a year if you want to level a 5 star. But that’s also how long it usually takes to GET a 5 star unless you open your wallet.

I can’t argue here. With my first account, I spent money liberally and when I had more time on my hands I decided to try and build an account using absolutely no money. I made it quite a ways before I caved in contributed money toward my efforts on that account. Through that experience, I can that it would probably take someone who is extremely lucky or knows precisely what they are doing to obtain and train up more than one 5 star hero in less than a year.

Im almost completely f2p with only google rewards and $25 spent. I’m 10 months in with 2 4^80 5*, a 4^59, 2^60 horghall that I won’t touch until I have nothing, a 3^22 5* with dupe of her sitting unlevelled.
Trick is to get tc 20 which you can do in 5-6 mos, from there 4 and 5*s come much quicker.

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And even then you’ll find the bottleneck of ascension items. Save them. You’ll find a use for them eventually. Don’t level up three 4* of the same color. Hold on to them for that 5*. That hero WILL show up.


RNG basically stands for feast or famine…I’m more famine lately but when it’s feast time I am always refreshed :slight_smile:

2 months now without a hidden blade or compass drop. I’m giving it til the end of March.

since you told me about rest 1uesrs I’ve been completing all rare uncommon and common …u will get random loot from these but they all must be completed to see and reep the rewards which 95% of the time(*Not including rare) you will not recieve any good ascension items …ESP. COMPASSES…So I recommend ascending one Hero at a time and use all resources earned to Max, if not you’re going to have a whole lot of half leveled HEROES sitting on the bench bc they won’t have enough Off or Def to contribute to a solid ream that you’re building.

^*rare quests up top on the first line

That was a compass in the last rare quest, and there will be probably a hidden blade with the next one (Mount Umber)

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I think my account is bugged. The last 12 titans I’ve gotten a rope, a dagger, and a leather armor. Who needs that crap? My account is stuck or something… should I put in a bug request?

No. I had stretches of going 14 and then 17 titans with no loot. This was in the 4-6* range. It happens.

Be carefull on your loot.

The loot is random. My last four titans gave low-level loot, nothing to write home about. This morning I got a compass.

After playing 10+ months, I know better than to expect ascension items from every Titan…but loot does come. :slight_smile:

P.S. Have you seen this yet?

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I don’t know. Maybe I’d be better off playing something less grindy… like a Korean MMO

Is there normally a hidden blade in Guardians completion loot? I can’t remember

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