Are hidden blades and compasses super rare now?

I swear if I get one more telescope, mystic rings, warm cape, or sturdy shield, I’m going to go insane… it’s like they know what I really need and I have been waiting over a month to see either a compass or hidden blade… for the love of god, let me trade for or buy what I need. I’m stuck otherwise and getting really bored and frustrated.


For me it’s Trap Tools.
I have 1 5*. Count them. 1.

What d’ya suppose it needs to ascend final tier? Yup.
(Oh… the Tabards as well. Those. Forgot about those.)


For me it was Compass for month I had every other item but no compass and suddenly I pile it now…is so weird


I have 6 compasses and 15 gloves! FIFTEEN!! 4 Just this week!! More than I have heroes!!
Please give me anything but gloves and capes, I need all the rest a lot!



Ive gotten about 5 hidden Blades this week alone, have a pile of about 25 with a lot of red heroes maxed.

Also always over 18 compasses at least.

I’ll Take those rings and scopes, can never have enough 4* stuff.

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I’d trade you if I could. If I had the ascension items first, I’d gamble for a 5 star. Not the other way around.

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That its nonsense… I have gotten on in the last month and I’m recovering from knee surgery and spending plenty of money and play a lot… Have Merlin and Sir lance a lot… Little John Also and nothing I’m close to hangin it up… I have fully ascend Jackal, Grimm, Boldtusk, Tiburtus, melendor. With strong troops. That is directly due to $ I’ve spent… If I don’t its like fighting uphill… Time I spend playing and I get nothing in return… Can’t even ascend… Took me a month to ascend melendor… Nonstop playing for a long while… Toss a bone to the loyal players b4we have enough and move on… I’m close and its over NO CONPASSES… I HAVE 4 DAMISCUS BLADES TOME OF TACTICS POTIONS RINGS 8 FINE GLOVED NO TRAP TOOLS… SEEMS LIKE WHAT WE NEED ALL OF A SUDDEN… Poof… No more… Pay up


Bs… Always have 15 Compasses… Did you seriously just write that or did you mean to say capes

People who have been playing for a long time can accumulate many compasses from titan drops, challenge events, rare quests, etc. I am not FTP but I have accumulated quite a stash over the past year. I am short on 4* ascension items, though…very short.

I’ll be happy to trade 20 compasses for one Damascus blade!

P.S. I was short on compasses and fine gloves when I started, but as time went on other shortages surfaced. Now leather strips to make small mana potions are nearly as valuable as compasses…only half joking.


I’ll be happy to give you a few… Can we do that


Nope, like gene i have quite the stash. F2p but been playing for almost a year.

Only have 6 warm capes at the moment and shields seem to evade me, about 17 trap tools though. But i never get the 4* stuff other than from rare quest, funny how random drops work :slight_smile:

In desperate need of compasses. Have started buying from the shop in hopes of getting and still no luck!

Exactly, I could post a similar picture. Plenty of every single item, but no tome of tactics at all. I finally got one from the current rare quest, but to the best of my knowledge this is the only rare event that provides a tome of tactics.


Playing since May '17, I’ve gotten a total of 5 Tomes. Definitely my rarest AM.

Just completed another 100 monster mission. Mystic Rings. I THINK SG hates me.

Actually i’m quite good in everything, worst is dards (and thats a real shame because best is orbs).

What i really lack is heroes, lol.


I haven’t seen any blades in over a month. But I just got 3 in January.

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I used to get a bunch to but this has stopped to promote spending money

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You just got a free item for a 5* Hero? How does this show “hate”?? :thinking: :grin:


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