Are gem boards random or based on a play table?


I used to work with slot machines as a casino manager.
Slot machines don’t generate random outcomes of games- i.e the reels spinning round on a digital screen- that is just a graphic.
The actual game result is stored as a single outcome of a paytable of many outcomes.
Most 5 reel (displayed as a graphic on a screen- not the actual old mechanical reels) have pay tables with around 15 million game outcomes in them.
This allows the fruit machine to control how much it pays out in relation to how much it takes in… it’s percentage hold.
So a fruit machine is not showing you a random game outcome, it chooses one from the paytable and gives that to you, with some graphics alluding to spinning reels.
Which… made me wonder if the gems boards are random as your work through a fight, or are they sequenced as pay tables…so like the fruit machine, it appears random but is carefully controlling pre-determined outcomes.
For a fruit machine that would be a hold of 5% on its cash drop… for a gem board what might the pre-determined outcome be?— making the large assumption that the gem board is a pay table and not randomly generated?

I would love to hear from the data and maths fans who are interested in the wide data sets of this game… what do your observations led you to think about how random the gem boards might be?


Yes, they are completely random, as stated by Petri in the thread linked below. The thread also has the results of an extensive analysis of data that provides good evidence for complete randomness.