Are gem boards random or based on a play table? [Staff Response in Post #240, #276]

I simply see this game and the company SG … with no future …


I hope the opposite…


Just want to highlight something quickly regarding the “if it hadn’t been put on the public forum, nothing would have happened”

I don’t believe that SGG even LOOKED at this thread… The staff saw the thread that reported the bug in Beta Section of the Forum.

@mhalttu stipulated that it was the first time he’d ever heard of the same-seed bug & said they would look into it.
10 minutes later (09:08 Helsinki time) @mhalttu then responded again in the Beta Thread stating that the issue was fixed & that to prevent ongoing exploitation, they forced a re-download/import on all beta accounts.

There wasn’t any acknowledgement of this thread in the slightest until the moderators (specifically Zephyr) asked a couple times to get an official post in this thread also…


Lol are you still getting raided when online?


Idk, I don’t pay much attention to raids and times much these days… But no, I don’t think so…

Others are

Doesn’t take a deep analysis to see why players doubt bug fixes being a top priority

That and I’m still really curious how a development team doesn’t know how they developed a product :thinking::thinking:

How can you design somethin to function a certain way and then act dumbfounded that it works as intended?

That is flawed no matter how you slice it

Even if you build something or fix something, should have common knowledge of how it works

If i put brakes on a car, I’m not surprised when they work

And how a moderator and other testers who didn’t design the game knew how something worked better than a multimillion dollar development team

Do we want to continue or take the blinders off?


It’s getting so hot on the forum at the minute I’m expecting the Predator to arrive soon…


I think it’s worth reiterating the aspects that most of us agree on

  • a potentially serious possible exploitation was discovered and shared
  • staff acted promptly to remove it
  • the vast, vast majority of beta players have acted in good faith including in publicising the flaw
  • the players are very unlikely to ever learn if the flaw was exploited, by whom and when
  • chocolate is the best flavour of ice-cream :icecream:

How each of us weigh the significance of who knew what when is a personal matter.

And if you think strawberry, you’re wrong.


Guess it’s the difference between a cynical outlook on it all as opposed to a optimistic outlook…

As for this:

This isn’t really necessarily what happened… Code can be interesting and tricky… Even small simple programs often have intriguing interactions / oversights in terms of how they work & execute.
In a game this size, I personally wouldn’t have a clue how many lines of code there is but I would imagine it is quite a number… It would be pretty easy to overlook a single line which resulted in the mimicry of the initial pseudo-RNG seed.

Personally I think they’re pretty good at acknowledging and fixing bugs… both in Live Game and Beta.
Issues which are game breaking get addressed immediately either by a forced patch or a small patch. Issues which are annoying/ liveable with which affect gameplay but don’t ruin it tend to get fixed in the next major release.

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Lol so they had no idea how boards were seeded?

That’s your defense?

That sounds even worse


No, thats not what I said. I am saying that if there are millions of lines of code, overlooking a single phrase on a single line is quite understandable…

Especially if it results in a problem that you never considered as an outcome…

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Everyone go do something else for a bit


If you have had much experience with coding I think you would find that it is rarely that linear :wink:

All I’m saying is to try doing some coding yourself. Then grab one of your previous projects and adapt it to another application. Then imagine it on a scale 1,000,000 times larger and you are probably getting closer to what happens in Live Game vs. Beta Game stuff…

Anyways, my point is actually this:

If you don’t know if it as a possible problem/ negative outcome the human rarely looks for the trigger of that as an issue…

I mean put it this way. A conspiracy theorist believes that they could be abducted at time nu aliens… or that the government is listening to their every conversation. So they take precautionary measures to avoid this. You and I, we probably don’t because we don’t view it as being a realistic outcome.


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Un beta tester italiano dichiara di aver visto un video dove, la beta app e la app normale facevano vedere la stessa board in entrambe le applicazioni in Raid Tournament ,
muovendo prima le tessere in beta app puoi vedere le tessere che usciranno e poi giocare migliore movimento di tessere nella applicazione normale, realtà, fantasia, o bug??

A italian beta tester claims to have seen a video where, the beta app and the regular app showed the same board in both applications in Raid Tournament,
by first moving the tiles in the beta app you can see the tiles that will come out and then play better movement of weave in the normal application,is reality? , fantasy,? Or bug??


Here comes Rigs…



It was real

Developers fixed it

Mods closed it so it would quit getting bumped to the front of the forum

Guess they’ll close this one too lol


TLDR there was a bug but SGG have fixed it.

They are now investigating how long the bug was there for & who (if anyone) was aware & exploiting the bug.


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