Are gem boards random or based on a play table? [Staff Response in Post #240, #276]

I used to work with slot machines as a casino manager.
Slot machines don’t generate random outcomes of games- i.e the reels spinning round on a digital screen- that is just a graphic.
The actual game result is stored as a single outcome of a paytable of many outcomes.
Most 5 reel (displayed as a graphic on a screen- not the actual old mechanical reels) have pay tables with around 15 million game outcomes in them.
This allows the fruit machine to control how much it pays out in relation to how much it takes in… it’s percentage hold.
So a fruit machine is not showing you a random game outcome, it chooses one from the paytable and gives that to you, with some graphics alluding to spinning reels.
Which… made me wonder if the gems boards are random as your work through a fight, or are they sequenced as pay tables…so like the fruit machine, it appears random but is carefully controlling pre-determined outcomes.
For a fruit machine that would be a hold of 5% on its cash drop… for a gem board what might the pre-determined outcome be?— making the large assumption that the gem board is a pay table and not randomly generated?

I would love to hear from the data and maths fans who are interested in the wide data sets of this game… what do your observations led you to think about how random the gem boards might be?


Yes, they are completely random, as stated by Petri in the thread linked below. The thread also has the results of an extensive analysis of data that provides good evidence for complete randomness.


Boards are pseudorandom or PRnG. But generated by the device you’re playing on

You actually get the same boards in live game that you get in beta

Meaning you can preview live game boards by tryin them out in beta first

Been known by SG and some testers for awhile now apparently

Chalk the “beta players don’t have an advantage” line out the window

Puttin my beta account and probly my forum account on the line for lettin you guys know

Moderators didn’t want me to say anything as it would make their job harder if people knew

Got plenty of “shame on you for wanting to tell your fellow players” speeches from a couple of them

1 admitted that it’s been known a long time

Anyways, idk what developers will do about it, they’ve had a couple years to fix it so my guess is probably nothing

I don’t like havin the dirty secret weighin on my mind especially after the reactions from moderators when i mentioned telling you guys

“You’ll start a witch hunt”
“No good will come from it”
“It’s on SG to fix issues, but if you tell the public then that’s on YOU”

Oh and according to 1 tester this has been brought to public light multiple times but nobody cared…lol 1st I’ve heard of it but guess i just don’t spend enough time here…

If this is my last post on the forum, it was worth it

Thanks for readin. Line id: jrigs if you wanna contact me about it, wont surprise me if this thread gets closed and the post hidden.

Whole thing feels dirty and the more i hear “dont tell anyone”, dirtier it feels


Living up to your title I see. Thanks brother.


Props to you for making this public. I’m also a beta tester and just learned about this today and been reading your post in beta about it. It honestly makes me sick to my stomach that this has been “known” for however long but nothing was done about it. The amount of “regulars” who said absolutely nothing in your beta post, only concerns me more. I know the people I associate with closest didn’t know about this either, but there are a lot more beta testers out there who aren’t saying anything. Bravo, again, to you for speaking out. Up until today I was outspoken about Beta testers not having any advantage, in eating my words today. Disappointed doesn’t even begin to describe it.


Are we talking raids, events, story mode, wars? Need specifics please.


This is huge. Deleting this thread will say it all.


All the above

If it’s in beta

You can hop into live game and open the same feature and get the exact same board

Beta world map > live world map
Beta raids/tourneys > live raids/tourneys
Beta event > live event

Etc etc

Now we’ve only had beta event and same event in live game at the same time, once that i know of

And we don’t have beta wars but idk if that was always the case and we still dont know if raid boards can transfer to war boards


So for the monthly event I can play a board in beta and then go to love game and get the exact same board/sequence?

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If the event is in both places at once, yes

But like i said only ever happened once that i know of


@Rigs lol how did you dig up a 2 year old post?


Pretty gut wrenching tbh

But what was worse to me was the initial reactions of “just shhhh”


Searched boards aren’t random

My record is 3 yrs fwiw lol


You have my complete support in making it public.


Thanks. I’m surprised it’s still up tbh.


I feel like this needs to be fully explained by someone official


Ok I’ll walk ya through the process of what i did to test it

Open Beta
Import Account
Open raid
See board

Open live game
Go to raid
See the same board


That’s not what they said. Every mod said wait until SG responds tomorrow before taking it public (again for that matter). They (mods) shouldn’t have to clean up SG’s mess, so until SG responds they are basically sacrificial lambs.

There wasn’t anyone in the thread who wanted you to keep it under wraps, just see if SG had an answer, and then take it public.

Most of the testers who knew either have posted about it before or are long gone. It has apparently (according to old threads) been discussed before. In my year plus of beta, I’d never heard of it. Hence why a small group of us tested it in beta today.


Lol more than happy to post screenshots of the thread with their permission

But the reactions won’t be any better than they were in line of “wth”


Lol wow. As if the forum didn’t have enough explosions already. Thanks Rigs, I had no idea


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