Are frozen tiles really any fun?

I found the frozen tiles to not really be any more fun or challenging than regular farming, just more time consuming, but in a non timed event the time consumption doesnt really matter.

I kinda feel disappointed i guess? Just seems lackluster. Sure the mothernorth and her ridiculous revive rate can make matches for some take longer than they should but that doesnt have much to do with the board itself. Just her over the top resurrection rate that will probably cause numerous complaint threads from january forward.

I thought the pumpkins and eggs were a bit better since there was some kind of consequence from not matching them within a certain amount of turns.

In a holiday where family time and what not is encouraged, I’m not seeing the point of making an event just as easy as farming but each stage taking much longer.

I may be the only one thinking this but i can still hope next year will be better


Agree @Rigs!!

Pumpkins were much better

Frozen tiles just made me more annoyed with Mother North


I really don’t know what i want/expect from the devs as far as better board related obstacles. I just know that so far none have really been satisfying. The eggs and pumpkins are better than the ice tiles but even those aren’t exactly brain busting. Maybe combine the 3 for one of these annual events? Even the xmas event actually?

Maybe even move current winter event to say, february. Then put a combination of all the seasonal events in December? One huge quest. Just an end of year wrap up to bring it all together?


I like them same as i liked punpkins :slightly_smiling_face:
Making a stage longer means at the same time it is harder. Ice really get in the way.

We have 35 days to complete it, i’m not in a rush.
Making a stage with some more minutes it’s not a problem for me.

Idk. I guess i prefer to have more of a risk factor or pressure. Knowing those ice blocks will just squat there until i get ready to move them is just meh.

Kind of think a multiplying factor could help that though as well. If one tile sits next to another too long then it freezes too and so forth. Giving you like 3 turns to get rid of an ice block before it becomes 2 or 3 or somethin like that would be more of a “puzzler” in my opinion


I think I might be the only one who actually likes the frozen tiles. It changes up the puzzle mechanics slightly and allows for combos that aren’t possible otherwise (for example, making a crystal from a match-5 T-shape made mostly of frozen blocks, then still having those tiles on the board to immediately set off the crystal). Yes it plays slower and reduces tile damage, but I haven’t really noticed the lack of tile damage since I rely almost solely on specials for damage anyway.

If anything, I was disappointed by the pumpkin bombs from the Halloween event. As soon as I saw them, my first thought was “It’s just Easter but with mana gain”.

Different preferences for different people, I suppose.


I agree in the sense the pumpkins weren’t different enough from the eggs. That was bit of a lazy idea. Just recycling same idea but different looks which seems to be common in this game. A better variety and more originality would definitely go a long ways in different aspects of this game.

It is PAINFULLY SLOW playing with frozen tiles. I hate them. Combos are basically impossible and it’s just completely not fun to send two tiles up at a time. Sometimes just one tile. It’s excruciating.


I am also confused about these frozen tiles often do not get combos and it seems like a long time to complete one stage, and the more frustrated one tile is formed more often. :weary::weary:

Same feeling here, frozen tiles is time consuming, with poridge pot and present droping at your heroes, not interested unless every present drop gave u 1 gem and not steal your health, I will let Santa drop as much present as he want, the same aa Poridge pot.

The Holloween with pumpkin is more fun to play, they gave u reward with manna booster if u can match it and punishment if you fail . ( Fun and not boring to play that challenges)

Never play at easter event, just join at sept, will gave a comment after That

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they are a bit annoying…but im playing on mute now because I am already tired of the christmas music

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frozen tiles, christmas background songs, long playing time = almost falling asleep playing this event ( especially hearing the background music) hahahahaha… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Rigssy I’ll he honest with you I think it’s boring, but I thought the pumpkins were boring too :stuck_out_tongue:

The holiday bonus to me is that I can Autoplay a lot more of these levels than I could with the pumpkins. So, to choose between the two I would take the frozen tiles :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m not a fan, it’s just boring and makes finishing levels even more of a grind.

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I find you can use the frozen tiles to set up combos more easily, because the board becomes less dynamic. Interesting the different take.


turn off the sound. Its annoying to listen to. And Santa doesn’t go “Ho Ho ohhh No!” or anything cute when he is defeated. Just the normal Boss death sound.

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Idk sometimes even without frozen tiles I think it takes the tiles too long to move up the board. I have ADHD and just last week I was getting annoyed while farming because I think the tiles move too slow. Frozen tiles are certainly not an improvement to that!

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Agreed. It is slower and the tiles dropping more slowly when only one or two fall is annoying. But like I said on the plus side, I can make a lot of diamonds now that I get how to work the board.


I hated the pumpkins but am just annoyed at the ice. The ice is particularly annoying because it’s near impossible for me to make diamonds and dragon heads.

I had horrible luck with pumpkins by constantly having 8+ on the board at once, thus forcing me to take some major hits, and I’m having the same trouble with the ice blocks. With the heroes themselves being more difficult than the halloween ones, I’m glad they don’t explode!

This is what my board looks like at least 50% of the time. I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone, but with this kind of trouble staring me down I never understood why people loved the pumpkins so much.


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That looks like a typical ice board and in my opinion relatively easy to clear and no reason to rush cause the blocks will sit there till u get around to them. Idk guess I’m just not feelin the christmas cheer cause i feel that this quest blows