Are Evelyn and Frida good for defense comp?

As the title says, I wonder if Evelyn and Frida could be a good improvement for my rainbow defense team.

My actual defense team is Lianna - Magni - Kunchen - Justice - Marjana.

Evelyn is almost maxed and Frida I just started. If they can replace Lianna and Magni, is it worth to invest emblems on my current team in the meanwhile?

Any other sugestion are welcome.

Any sugestion?

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  • Evelyn-Frida-Kunchen-Justice-Marjana
  • Lianna-Magni-Kunchen-Justice-Marjana
  • Evelyn-Magni-Kunchen-Justice-Marjana
  • Lianna-Frida-Kunchen-Justice-Marjana
  • Other

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I would remove justice and double one of your stronger colours… rainbow is not compulsory.
Probably add Evelyn and just shuffle the order, Maybe


Could also put Evelyn on wing.
Frida is ok on D too


Leave your defense team as is. Replace Justice with Leonidas when you max him.


Lianna on wing is much, much better than Evelyn on wing – Evelyn can barely kill her targets if she’s the only one left alive, while Lianna can solo kill heroes and in some 1vs1 situations can still win for you.

Frida is a better flank, so more appropriate to replace Magni with her. However, you run into a problem with sharing emblems between her and Kunchen. Defending without an emblemed tank now-a-days is unwise (unless you want to cup-drop) so I’d say it’s better to leave the bulk of your emblems on Kunchen.

Leonidas > Justice is recommended, so you can give him Monk emblems (Justice also competes with Kunchen) and so your D-team has much more power.


I appreciate your reply and I was really in doubt to maintain the most part of my team with classic T1 heroes, but you have a point in Lianna vs Evelyn.

Only one correction, Frida and Justice are Paladin and Kunchen is Cleric, given this situation, if I put Lianna-Frida-Kunchen-Leonidas-Marjana, will be no competition for emblems, should I do that?

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I’d trade Evelyn for Justice if she didn’t conflict with Lianna for ranger emblems.

So instead I’m going to say Frida (if you’ve got the mats for her) with the following line:

Frida, Marj, Kunch, Magni, Lianna

You could switch Marj and Lianna, but I like to have my dodgey rogue at flank over a more fragile Lianna. Marj is harder to kill sometimes than people give her credit for, and a little unpredictable in that role.


Listen to @DaveCozy 100%

Also, IMHO, unless you are in high diamond with A+++ heroes and fantastic synergies, I would very much advise against this. I love finding teams that aren’t rainbow, makes for easy wins 90%+ of the time.


Oh you are correct, my dad brain is kicking in :stuck_out_tongue:

In this case, then it would be a good idea to switch Frida for Magni. I think Frida >>>> Justice as far as Paladins go.

Something like this would work:
Lianna | Frida | Kunchen | Leonidas (eventually) | Marjana

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Each to their own I guess.

I understand if the team is poorly constructed this is an easy win, i.e double tank colour.
If you construct a team well, with better heroes than you would otherwise have in a rainbow defense, then go for it I believe.

Also, the real benefit in this lies with offense. Defense is a very minor part of this game. Especially raid defense.
From an offensive standpoint, i’d rather have the more useful hero highly emblemed, than a hero i’m only going to replace when a better option comes along.

Using this example, for offensive purposes i’d rather have Frida heavily emblemd than Justice… especially since once Leo (or hopefully Joon) comes along Justice will be stripped of her embelms - very resource intense.

If you aren’t going to give Justice emblems, then she’s an easy kill as a slow hero with no emblems at flank, to a slow tank (albeit a great one), so not much point being there.

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