Are emblems forcing us to do 4-1 in raid/wars?

Ursena and GM does so much damage if they fire.

I would think that you win as long as your heroes does more dmg than they receive before they are dead.

These do 2000ish dmg is one hit(GM a bit less, Ursena more, and a lot more if stackin holy with bad tiles) spread among your team which is a lot more than their health, so once they have fired, you are at a major disadvantage.

How to attack high 5stars emblems in general?

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I got both GM+11 ursena +9 and never did 2000 in raids (unless you are talking about ursena total damage for all heroes)

Eventually there will be enough emblems that it will feel like raiding 5-stars with nothing but 4-star heroes. It will still be possible to raid in 3-2 formation and win. It won’t be easy but then again neither will 4-1. You may simply have to get used to the idea of 3-shotting a target with snipers instead of 2-shotting. You will have to start making teams of heroes who magnify each others’ strengths in some fashion. Either through buffing allies or debuffing the enemy.

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