Are duplicate heroes worth keeping? Should I feed duplicate 4* and 5* heroes to other heroes?

Are duplicate hero’s worth keeping? I am mostly talking about epics. I have 2 Sabina, 2 Cyprian, and 2 Kelile. Are they worth keeping and leveling up all of them in the long run or just better to just feed them to other 4 or 5* hero’s?


For me some heroes are more worth then others.
Generally speaking, if you have plenty of ascension material for that kind of hero (say fire or dark for example) then you can think to level up even duplicates.

If you don’t have so much material, then maybe having different kind of heroes is more useful then ascending always the same.

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I have two Scarlett, two LiXiu. These were obtained after my original heroes were maxed. I intended to use at least the double Scarlett on green Titans, but as yet (6 weeks later), I’m too busy leveling other heroes. I may just feed them to other heroes at some point.

Hero space is cheap, so I’d lean towards keeping all 4* and 5* heroes. Duplicate 3* are harder to gauge. Ask yourself, when would I ever use two? Two Banes are good in Beginner event levels with a lot of purple. But two Ulmers? I can’t see a place.

Really the challenge events are the only place you’re going to have any use for double 3*.


depending how much you spend or do hero pulls, I wouldn’t keep EVERY 4 or 5* hero, just at least one of each. Maybe a 2nd in some cases. Never three or more unless its some crazy hotm or something.

To the OP, I definitely would never use a 2nd Sabina or Cyprian (I wouldn’t use a 1st Cyprian really) unless the 2nd Sabina was your only other 4* purple and then I’d only use her on yellow titans. Kelile, again, if she’s your only other red 4*, sure keep her. She’s versatile in that she’s excellent at raiding (strong single target fast attack + DOT) and very good vs titans (decently high attack skill, good armor rating).


Depends on the hero and your team. I ask myself: in any way could I see myself using this person again? If yes, save, no, feed. I run through my dupes and make a call every few weeks. My duplicate Chao and Hu Tao are looking like feeder food, but a double Cyprian could be fun for raid defense.

Generally, no!

Most heroes have special abilities that don’t stack. They will gain mana at the same time too when you attack. So you will load both Sabinas at the same time. There will not be enough to heal for both. So you would need to delay the second heal and then using purple gems would waste mana on her as you can get more mana if you don’t use the old one. Also the dispel is useless if the other one just dispelled.

Double Cyprian? Well you might get 5 heroes buffed instead of 3, but I don’t see that very usable eiher.

Double Kellile could work, as long as you hit 2 different targets as the burn doesn’t stack.

Still in the beginning if you try to level 2 same heroes, you will run into problems with ascension materials, as they require same materials. That is why it is easier to level different color heroes at first.

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Yeah, I was thinking more of just being annoying on raid defense with the double Cyprian :slight_smile: Less serious, more fun than anything else.

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if that’s your aim the go crazy dude. it’s all supposed to be fun anyway.

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Thanks for the responses. I think im going to feed my duplicate purples and keep my 2 Kelile’s.

Honestly he’s so far down the queue I probably will end up feeding one of them to Domitia or Quintus :slight_smile:

some heroes are worth doubles.
as for them charging at the same rate- in raid defense they would charge at different rates if they have been attacked (since hits fill their meters faster) so they would get staggered and that could be useful with people like kiril, BT, colen, or even rigard (if the enemy uses a lot of status effects) a double sonya against an ares would ruin him.
and while raiding, attacking titans, or in other missions you could purposefully stagger them as well. holding an charge move for a turn or two until the time is right. with you two keliles you could stagger her attack so that you keep the burn going longer.

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So to update this instead of starting a new thread:

My question is - if you have every 4* hero at your disposal, WHO are the duplicates worth keeping.

Specifically: I have the following unleveled duplicates:

Kiril, Rigard, Sonya, Caedmon, Skittle, Colen, Chao, Grimm, Little John, Scarlett and Sabina. I only do not have Boril and Li Xiu at this point and already have the following leveled duplicates to 3/60 (or on their way/close): Boldtusk, Jackal.

I have enough hero space (about 30 slots open) where I could keep them, but my thought is the following are on the chopping block:

Sonya (just can’t see using a 2nd), Caedmon (I have a 4/70 Caed & Melendor - why would I use another, I have enough debuffing), Skittle (I like her, but don’t see a need), Colen (don’t see a need), Chao (don’t see a need)

I’m on the fence with:

The healers - which are really important in AW (Kiril, Sabina, Rigard). I wonder on the 2nd Sabina though (at least Rigard has the unique cleanse and can take a lot of damage) as I have a 4/70 Rigard and Sabina already.

Scarlett - Fast mana + high attack stat + attack debuff - just feels like it’s a great skill to have and pretty uncommon overall.

Keeping: Grimm

I figure here is a good place to ask to foster some additional discussion on the topic.


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All the four star healers have uses - Kiril gives buffs (and red is probably the most represented tanks so more blue always good), Mel and Sabina dispel, Rigard cleanses, BT is just BT-awesomeness. maybe not pound them to tier 4, but tier 3/60.

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Thanks - what do you think about the other cards? Is Grimm the only other one worth keeping? Is he even worth keeping?

I also would not take them past 3/60, unless it rains ascension materials :slight_smile:

I would keep dups of healers, fast hitters, and average hitters with good skills. Slows are just too slow for AW given the revenge bar. If that’s what you have go for it, but sounds like you have plenty of others.

Yes keep Grimm. With red being the strongest tank color, you’ll see a lot of those.

You already have all the 4* at least at 3/60?
Good job!

Personally i still level all different heroes before eventually work on duplicates.
So i’m levelling Hu Tao, Rigard and Boril (only for alliance wars purpose) and planning to get Leonidas, Perseus and maybe Khagan at 2/60 before even thinking to have 2 of the same kind.

Just for diversity.

I don’t have them all at 3/60 - in fact, I have about 6 in the queue (ongoing or still at level 1) before the dupes get started (other than those mentioned). But seems like healers are fast hitters are worth keeping. For now. I just fed the slow dupes. We shall see what happens next - the fast hitter dupes are still questionable since I think I have enough cards to compensate for any additional ones.

To echo previous statements.

  • Healers, of all colors, always good for Alliance Wars
  • Fast hitters, of all colors, always good for either doubel up or mopping up.
  • Utility, like debuffs and dispells.

If you have the space, just keep all and work on them on the backburner. Feeding away a 4* is a very temporary “fix”


I hear you - for me though, with the 5* and 4* I have, I won’t even really use some of these 4*, ever (famous last words, I know) so rather than holding it, I can at least feed them to help get the others up faster.

I’ll hold the healers and fast hitters/skills - thanks all.

PS - having 4 TC20’s really cranks 4* and also dupes…partly why I’m not so hung ho on keeping them all.

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