Are ducks broken in E&P?

Soo, we have “Hunt ducks”. I’m playing with 2 accounts, I killed 5 ducks (grouo have 11 ducks so 6 left) and I swap accounts.
My second account had this half group, there where literally 6 ducks, not 1 as regular, just six.
I’m not sure is this a bug or not so i put it in general.

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My ducks so far have come in swarms of 11.


My ducks are all in a row… :wink:


There are many things people have identified work oddly if you play multiple accounts on the same device.

I think you just found another one.

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Yes, and the ducks are seriously OP. There’s no way it should take this many taps to to down each duck.


I’m telling ya :shushing_face:

I haven’t had any ducks today at all.

I had Duck a L’Orange. I need ten more though, but I’m full :frowning_face:

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This happened to us too. You’ll get 11 ducks next time.

I wish the ducks would come at regular intervals or set times.

I keep missing them and don’t feel like sitting around waiting …

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They also apparently quietly buffed ducks by reducing their hitboxes or something. I click on the entire herd and they are so difficult to take down.

Can’t stand the direction this game is heading.



The ducks are on steroids now?!?
Would hate to see what happens if the wyvern starts eating them… :thinking:

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Duck Costumes are coming…


Darkwing Duck

Inherent resistance to holy ▓▓▓▓ tapping

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Yes, something appears to be afowl. Hopefully we quack the case soon.


Yes, it not sarcasm at all (for me!)

I failed to completed the last duck hunt, ridiculously stupid 11 out of 15

I haven’t caught any duck fly around despite I’m routinely make more than 6 titan hits through that day, and duck comeback to normal again when VP quest expired.

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I’m getting new ducks about every three minutes. No wonder today is duck season.

When there is no ‘tapping the duck’ mission in POV, there will be ducks flying all over.
During the mission, we hardly see any. Even if there are, it take more taps to kill them.
Anyone care to start a ‘nerf the ducks’ campaign?

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