Are Damascus Blades a premium item now?

With the exception of the Farmhole event, I have not gotten or seen a Damascus Blade since October. I actually have 15 or 16 3/70 5* heroes waiting to ascend. The new emblems are useless and it does me no good to keep doing summons pulls for 5* heroes that will never reach their potential power. I’m getting over taken by 4* teams with mega emblem power. PLEASE GIVE US MORE ASCENSION ITEMS. I’m so desperate I’ll purchase the dang blades. Please stop making this game that we love ridiculously impossible to enjoy. HELP!!!


Yes!!! More Damascus blades!!! I’m in the same boat:( These are harder to come by than the other ascension mats for me. I use every opportunity to get them (and everything else lol). I guess I will have to continue to be patient


I’ve got one Damascus Blade from the mystic vision sometime in january. And yes, they are rare. 6 months of playing and I’ve only got 3.

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They are as rare to me as Tomes are. Actually, less rare. I’ve been playing since Oct 27 last year, my first official Tome drop (kind of) was this last Thursday (actually Friday 1:30am). One from Atlantis and then Friday morning (10AM) I opened a :fire: chest and got another.

D-blades, I’ve had 4 drops, 1 purchase, and once quest so far.

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It seems that everyone has one or two ascension mats that elude them. For me, it’s tonics and warm capes. I have 9 DB’s but can’t get my heroes maxed due to lack of the other mats


My elusive item is the Tome of Tactics. I’ve got only two in six months. Yesterday I’ve bought the offer with the Tome (then I got ANOTHER ONE from the titan loot).


As people have said in this forum, everyone’s premium item seems to be different.

For me it’s definitely DBs and FGs


The game is setup so that you’ll drop big bucks on blades or tomes without blinking when SG offers those deals that included them. Expect $99 deals during the next seasonal event containing d. blades and tomes. Then the servers will crash afterwards trying to count all the money SGs made off of us.


If you are short on DBs Alita has a spare one


No 5* can ascend to 4th tier without those blades

Sounds like you should focus on your 4* heroes with emblems like most of us are doing, seems to be working against you to wait.

I get DB’s all the time. My holy grail are Tomes. Also scopes… Only 2 scopes since I started playing 6 months ago

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(Sorry, I always forget to translate.)Unfortunately it is a chance to appear is very random … (I have DB accumulated but I lack shields, mystic rings and venomous darts) for the last rise of my heroes would be easier if the game allowed an “item market” so even initial players could be motivated because initially you do not need many items for the rise of early heroes … I wish we were lucky:rofl::rofl::rofl:

I started playing in October, have received 5 Damascus blades since then. Never tabards though.


Damascus Blade and Tome of Tactics seem the rarest of all

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I have no idea what your reply says. Judging from the laughter… I prolly don’t want to

I’m not waiting when I get the mats for the 4s I definitely ascend them… but 60% of my heroes are 5

I play empires and puzzles. I was kinda looking for a serious response. I’m finding the situation very frustrating

And I gave you one in the post before.

There is no avoiding frustration in this game. Everyone is short of something.

There is a premium material for everyone. For example @Shohoku79 is always short on fine gloves.

There are certain materials that everyone will have too much of - for me those are tomes, tabards and tonics

Everyone - bar the whales - is frustrated in this game.