Are crafting materials getting less common?

Maybe it’s just that we have so many events/challenges/specials now, but crafting items seem to be drying up. For two months in a row, I’ve run out of hardwood lumber (at least Atlantis is this week, and I should get a few from Advanced 13 and 15). Others in the alliance are complaining about midnight roots, dragon bones and other such things that we used to all have way too many of.

Maybe it would be good to give more of these things on the “crafting items” quests (which are near useless in the current form for the measly number of items they give)…

This is a common discussion.

Some interesting thoughts

(Dropping rates of items has decreased- Constantly running out of Bones, Iron, Oil)


Seems like. I’m constantly out of crude iron, what never happened before…but I used really much WE for the challenge event and what doesn’t go in the monster chest now goes to Santa…

Just FYI… Atlantis is not until next week.

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I did notice the Grimforest event rewards had crafting mats such as 20xlarge bones and mini mana pots as tier rewards. A pleasant surprise, although I can’t remember if those were included in tier rewards for the event before that :thinking:.

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