Are costumed heroes different heroes than normal heroes? (Costume bugs)

I’ve tried to feed N. Boldtusk to C. Boldtusk. He only gets 8% chance to level up his special.

I know C. Boldtusk in the pic isn’t maxed yet but here’s the thing: I’ve tried feeding N. Brienne to maxed C. Brienne with level 6 special. She only gets 25% chance of leveling her special up.

Shouldn’t the chances be 100% like when you feed a hero to the same hero? I don’t know but it seems like a bug to me :confused:

I’ve noticed this earlier too when I finally got the costume of BT.

EDIT: @Petri @KiraSG @EmpiresPuzzles Can you please check on this. Thank you very much.

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I’m mostly sure that the special odds don’t go to 100% until the hero is otherwise maxed… :woman_shrugging:

There is a confusion between the hero and the costume.

In the picture you are trying to feed COSTUMED BOLDTUSK with only BOLDTUSK as a hero. That will give you 8% chance since you are using a 4* hero of the same color.

If you want 100% chance you have to use a copy of the COSTUME OF BOLDTUSK to feed COSTUMED BOLDTUSK.

Please notice in the same image that there are two labels. Heores and Costumes. Tap on costumes. If you have a second copy of the costume of Boldtusk use it to feed costumed boldtusk to get 100% chance.


You’re about to feed the costume not Boldie.

100% special up only applies for a fully maxed hero while feeding a dupe.

If you undress him and feed Boldie to Boldie, it’ll give 25% special up chance.

Same for costumes, but only if you feed a 2nd costume to the same one. 25% in process, 100% when finished.

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