Are common quests worth the energy?


Would like to see the opinion of my fellow players on this topic.
What common and uncommon quests are truly worthed the energy?
And please SG keep feeding us rare quests with valueable ascention items! More tome of tactics and damascus blades :wink:


Only common I do are recruits when I need them and sometimes XP

Crafting items and battle items are pretty useless and food and iron is small

And i do all uncommon other than crafting because I find all of those when I farm


I was in the camp of not doing them; however, I have found that many of them give higher XP and sometimes have some things, either troops or farming item that I need. I end up doing them.


I find both the common and uncommon “find recruits” quests valuable, but none of the others.


Common recruits gives less recruits per energy than 8-7 except for the 1st stage


I tend to do all gem quests and all uncommon quests. I leave the other common quests alone unless I seriously need the resource being offered.


30 recruits for 10 energy is the last stage on common, right? 8-7 could be 8 recruits for 3 energy, so that’s almost even…


Find Recruit

This one is a good example of how misleading the “big rewards” can be:

LVL Energy Recruit Recruit/Energy
FR-1 4 15 3.75
FR-2 8 20 2.5
FR-3 10 30 3
8-7 3 8-10 2.66-3.33
As you can see, only the first level has a higher Recruit/Energy than the best level to farm recruits in the campaign. Add the fact that lvl 2 and 3 gives lower XP, iron, food and general items, it is a bad deal.

Farming 8-7 for the same 18 energies and doing FR-2 and 3 will reward you with:

LVL XP Food Iron Recruit Item
FR-2 FR-3 4,550 7,700 16,300 50 56
8-7 x 6 4,902 9,030-10,224 19,890-22,554 48-60 102-120
Result, do only the first level, want some more recruits? Farm 8-7.


That’s all true if you assume that I want the best food, iron, and XP per energy ratio all the time.

The situation I find myself in far more often is this:
I’m waiting on something to finish upgrading, so my iron is maxed.
I’m also waiting on ascension materials, so my food is maxed.
I’ve got 10 minutes to get back to work and I want to fill my training camps.

In that case, 50 guaranteed recruits for 18 energy in a few minutes is more valuable than running through 8-7 6 times. Plus, I haven’t been getting 10 recruits on 8-7 for a month. It’s been 8 most of the time for me. In any case, they are close enough that there are definite benefits either way.


I do all , higher xp to level up which gives you more world points and


Gem quests are no-brainers, but for all the others, I’ll do first stage tops.

Recruits 2 is another story because of the frequent epic troop token as reward, but that quest isn’t “common” iirc.


I do most of them just for the hell of it…not like you won’t get more world energy to use, course I am on a lot so I don’t really get concerned with maximizing the value of every flag like someone who only farms once a day probably should.


I tend to do the same thing, though for the past few weeks, I’ve not found the need for the relatively small amount of resources offered by the common quests. But that’s one of the things I really like about this game, there is plenty of content for all levels of play, so we do get uncommon and rare quests that are more my speed at this stage. Aside from that, I stick with 8-7 as mentioned by someone else on this thread.


Well I’d say “worth the energy” is not the right question somehow.
I farm mostly 8.7 or 5.8 anyway to get either backpacks or recruits so I’ll do the monster chest by default. And I’m currently “cup dropped” to fight for food in raids therefore I do the hero chest by default also. The only time I stop doing the chests is if I focus on an event where I need to spent more world energy to get the good rewards.
I have to say I got a royal tabard out of the hero chest so my answer would be:
Sure, do the chests because there is not much left to do instead. :face_with_monocle: