Are Class Emblem Quests the end of Challenge Events?

So, even at Level 50+ we only have so many battle items, right? These class emblems are about to become the new gold across the game and it appears that the best way to get these things is to finish these class emblem quests. The 4000 quest may, in my opinion, become one of the most challenging completions in the game, which stands to reason that we are going to want a full buffet of battle items available. So, the question becomes, with a reward structure that remains stuck in 2017, is there any reason to spend a single battle item in challenge event that is not necessary to complete each level 1 time? You spend battle items to try and get into the very small group that actually gets something worth having, but you know you won’t make it. You need to save those items now. I just don’t see any reason any of us would work on these challenge events beyond the initial runthrough. Are the challenge events effectively over without a better reward structure?


With 2 million players (more or less) still getting decent rewards for 3000 or so people is really hilarious, especially because you use more items then what you get to be in that rank.
Winner, 1%, 5%, 10%, 20%, 50% and 99% people must be the scale.

That way people save more items, or win more.


Think about it this way, it’s one the main features of the game. A monthly event that takes massive levels of time, effort, and resources, and out of 2 million+ participants, 30 people will get a 4* Ascension item. And 18 of those 30 will get a single set of rings. The economy of scale on this is absolutely insane.


Events will still be a focus. A lot of top players are already over the 4k tp recommendation for the quests regardless of what class they use. Plus if they miss out on tokens, they can just buy them in the store.

Harder and more expensive to buy ascension mats.

Also they can just use different battle items for quests than they do events or use the ones they have the most bulk of

Events won’t be effected as far as i can tell. Only change we might see is class tokens added to the rewards to further separate the top from the bottom.

The thing with events is the majority of players don’t really compete. I half assed it and still almost cracked top 1k in legendary. Players scoring well aren’t using super expensive items or hard to obtain 5*.

They’re just buying a crap ton of world energy and constantly replaying until they get boards they like.


I had a different thought on Classes being a major shift in Challenge Events — top players will have heroes upgraded with fully upgraded Talents.

That effectively will make a huge shift in the playing field, at every event level, even Rare. The event stages were designed with their respective hero rarities in mind; new high scores for speed will likely be achievable with the stat boosts talents bring. At some point I suspect some players will find the upper score limit possible on each stage for a “perfect” run.

The only limiting factor I’m aware of is that Class Emblems will be (relatively) scarce. But for a player willing to buy a lot of WE refills to compete at the top level of Challenge Events, I presume that buying all Emblems offered, and possibly paying to reassign them to heroes for a Challenge Event shouldn’t be much of a barrier.

And given that mono color teams are popular for events, I’m guessing top competitors will reuse those teams across events even more so than they already do.

I thought @SWEG made an insightful observation about that phenomenon a few days ago:

All of this is “ok” in the sense that the competition has always favored players with well-filled rosters and willingness to spend. But it will certainly make it even harder for newer players to compete until they catch up on leveling and emblems.

And as others have noted, the incredibly minimal number of players who receive “good” or “great” rewards in the current tiering system doesn’t give much incentive to try very hard unless you have a high chance of success.

@King_Kyree77 originated a thread that I think had productive conversation on rebalancing rewards. I certainly support there being some substantial changes to them.

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Most Class talents have such a low proc, they will not be a big help.

Most Class stat boosts increase Total Damage Output with very small increases in Damage Per Match ( or Damage Per Second). TDO is more helpful for Titans, quests, raids, war, etc. Challenge events are all about DPM.

I would be surprised to see a 10% increase in high score possible. I actually expect a 2-4% increase based on the Defense stat curve.


Fair point, though I assume direct attack stat boosts will have some meaningful impact on DPM too. If nothing else it should impact damage from specials on bosses that are percentage based, which could perhaps shave off a little time / item usage.

Very small changes in score seem to have large ranking impacts as it is, so that’s not inconsequential.

But more so, I’m sort of hoping that statement is an indication you’ll be doing a data analysis with charts and graphs. I love me some forum geekery. :bar_chart::woman_scientist:

They’re still going to release another challenge event, Wonderland. Might be a red reflect.

I would imagine it would be green reflect, since that’s the only one missing. Grimforest is already a red reflect.


I agree with this assessment. Class emblems won’t directly impact damage enough to make a huge shift.

This is what I’m talking about, though, no one even tries in the Challenge events anymore because there is literally zero incentive to do so. There is no reason to. If you spent a bunch of items and WE to move yourself from 1000 up to, say, 350, what do you get? Absolutely nothing. The emblem quests are only going to exacerbate this phenomenon. I now have even LESS incentive to care, because I need to finish whatever emblem quest is coming next. Maybe it doesn’t change the efforts of the 0.1% of spenders (I didn’t say 0.1% of players, 0.1% of spenders) but those of us that don’t do that, I think it changes motivations towards challenge events even more.

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I imagine the challenge event A.I. Controlled heroes should also receive an overhaul by getting class/talent upgrades?

Wouldn’t make much sense if they stay the same while the players can effectively make their 3*+, 4*+, and 5*+ heroes to finish events easier. However, that means the same group of players just might dominate the top of the leaderboards again after emblems are applied.

Unless, the challenge events disables the usage of the talents… Which just make them the same as they are now, which the same group of players still dominate the top of the leaderboards.

So my thinking is that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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Does it really matter? I’ll finish, get my 37th unused orb and move on.


Hmm, maybe the Alchemy Lab will allow converting unused Orbs into Class Emblems. :thinking:

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I just finished in 11th on the event
More than 2 months farming non stop for all items, i got 800k on legendary but not enough!

I am giving up until i have better heroes to compete. It is not the same when all top 10 are taking all 5* same color snipers and color buffers. I had three 4* heroes and it made a difference not having magni, athena etc…
But it was a learning experience
Wasted my 20 energy flags plus a bunch of gems, plus 100 of my items so my next event will only be in 2-3 months.

Thanks @Dator and @Wharflord for posting the videos on events, i did beat my goal of 800k on an event but unfortunately 11th spot got me
Your videos were of amazing help, a few more 5* and perhaps i can get 840k :slight_smile:


The scores are getting really high now! You did really great this event but that does suck you didnt get it with 800k! Just think of this I won an event with 805k score and that just tells you how competitive the events are getting. Send me a message on line when you go to push again and I’ll engage ucla and we can help you further.


Thanx Dator!
Next time i’m ready to make a push I will search you up here!
then we can do that consulting :slight_smile:

I was going to try their strategy but I just couldn’t get enough dragon bones, nuggets and mystic roots. Next time.

No need for nuggets if that helps? Epic I used about 100 each arrows, axes, bombs, medium mana and legendary i used about 100 each axes, bombs, dragon attacks, super mana. Tornadoes are too unpredictable and not worth wasting on the event in my opinion.

As far as the talents in the events, I think it is a bad idea to have them. Not that the individual talents would make much of a difference but it highers the attack stats for all the heroes that have them. Maybe not allow them in the 3 but make a new category for legendary with talents? It would be nice to extend the 4* mats to top 100 since these things are getting more and more competitive. It is wishful thinking to put a score on each reward tier so more can compete for it too I guess. I would think the morale would be better if more than 1 person had the ability to win guin instead of spend tons on pulls they could spend tons on refills :slight_smile:


I didn’t use tornados but had a shortage of mystic roots. So I could blow through the mobs but not enough mana pots to activate specials on the bosses. So had to play it out. What should have been 40 seconds turned into 2 minutes. Lol. Next time I’ll be up there

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