Are Class Emblem Quests the end of Challenge Events?


Hmm, maybe the Alchemy Lab will allow converting unused Orbs into Class Emblems. :thinking:


I just finished in 11th on the event
More than 2 months farming non stop for all items, i got 800k on legendary but not enough!

I am giving up until i have better heroes to compete. It is not the same when all top 10 are taking all 5* same color snipers and color buffers. I had three 4* heroes and it made a difference not having magni, athena etc…
But it was a learning experience
Wasted my 20 energy flags plus a bunch of gems, plus 100 of my items so my next event will only be in 2-3 months.

Thanks @Dator and @Wharflord for posting the videos on events, i did beat my goal of 800k on an event but unfortunately 11th spot got me
Your videos were of amazing help, a few more 5* and perhaps i can get 840k :slight_smile:


The scores are getting really high now! You did really great this event but that does suck you didnt get it with 800k! Just think of this I won an event with 805k score and that just tells you how competitive the events are getting. Send me a message on line when you go to push again and I’ll engage ucla and we can help you further.


Thanx Dator!
Next time i’m ready to make a push I will search you up here!
then we can do that consulting :slight_smile:


I was going to try their strategy but I just couldn’t get enough dragon bones, nuggets and mystic roots. Next time.


No need for nuggets if that helps? Epic I used about 100 each arrows, axes, bombs, medium mana and legendary i used about 100 each axes, bombs, dragon attacks, super mana. Tornadoes are too unpredictable and not worth wasting on the event in my opinion.

As far as the talents in the events, I think it is a bad idea to have them. Not that the individual talents would make much of a difference but it highers the attack stats for all the heroes that have them. Maybe not allow them in the 3 but make a new category for legendary with talents? It would be nice to extend the 4* mats to top 100 since these things are getting more and more competitive. It is wishful thinking to put a score on each reward tier so more can compete for it too I guess. I would think the morale would be better if more than 1 person had the ability to win guin instead of spend tons on pulls they could spend tons on refills :slight_smile:

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Talents And Events

I didn’t use tornados but had a shortage of mystic roots. So I could blow through the mobs but not enough mana pots to activate specials on the bosses. So had to play it out. What should have been 40 seconds turned into 2 minutes. Lol. Next time I’ll be up there


Not to belabor the point but this is what I was trying to say in PVP group @Dator. If you help 20 people, then 10 of them aren’t making the top 10! That doesn’t count the pros (not just you, UCLA and Zero but several others) who reside there all the time. Believe me, it is super hard for the average Joe like me to hit top 10, no matter how many mats we have. There are multiple people like me who sit at #10-15 on the last day and realize that they just can’t push any more without either spending a lot, pissing off ouir family, or just waste time on futile efforts. We may be a few seconds slower per level on average to the top 10, but those few seconds give a big boost in time score.

It is still an achievement to hit top 50, especially with how competitive the events are. I decided that the only way for me to avoid losing more than I gained was to sit at the tier below the top 100 for all three levels during most events. I gain WE flasks, and crafting materials and I already have all of the top 100 avatars. Every so often I will try to compete in an event and end up in the top 30 or so. At least yours and UCLA’s methods don’t use tornadoes, and if I can succeed without them my titan scores will rise.


How do you and uclapack always have enough items to compete every month? I can never get enough midnight roots. I saved up for 2 months on items to compete in epic and only had enough items to make one competitive score on each stage… I placed 19th, but I was just out of items to try and push further.


I didn’t compete in the event last month to save items for future events. You would be surprised how many items you save when you dont compete. Ucla is a crazy farmer. She sets alarms to make sure flags are used. Shes a nerd.


Everyone should know the strat it should not be kept a secret and I’m not going to pick and choose who I tell the strat to. When I first started I asked people how to compete in the events and all I got in a response was “:)” yes a smiley face. That’s why since we figured out our own strat we decided to tell everyone that asked. Everyone should have the opportunity to compete.


Not only was I saving items for 2 months by not competing I was also saving items by letting my titan scores suffer lol. I stopped using arrows, axes, bombs and mana pots so I could save up. I still only ended up with about 50 of each item, or enough to try for a good score once per level. I farm the levels where midnight roots are supposed to be easier to get but I’m still always dead broke on mystic roots.


Top 10 scores will change very little i’d imagine. You only do a couple moves and that’s it.


One move if it’s a really good run. And really good runs on at least a few levels are needed to win.


The levels with multiple bosses I rely more on tile damage at the boss stage so if attack stats are higher I can potentially finish the level a lot quicker. Even though I only make 1 or 2 moves I would think that the talents would have some kind of an impact. I think the impact would probably be most seen in legendary as the other two seem to rely more on the combo bonus more than sheer power and time. From my experience anyway. It just seems that the people (myself included) with a ton of maxed 5* would have an even larger advantage with talents. Just my thoughts


Does every heroes attack stats increase with each emblem upgrade then?


Each talent grid you can choose your own path. So you can increase base stats of any maxed hero’s health, attack defense depending on what path you choose. Won’t really see much of a change until the heroes are fully talented but it does increase a pretty good deal.


Challenge events have long been nothing more than something to run through, collect completion rewards and carry on. Nothing on the horizon will change this.


amen to that :blush:
20 char


Out of curiosity, when should we expect these quests to start dropping?