Are chances of dropping Damascus blades and Tome of Tactics the same?

I searched the forum so if this was already discussed earlier, I missed it and my apologies for repeating.

But does anyone know whether the chance drop rates of a Damascus blade is the same as a Tome of Tactics?

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As far as I’m aware, yes. I’ve never seen any proof to the contrary.

It’s not uncommon to get an imbalance though.

I have 5 gloves and 23 compasses and they should have same odds as each other too.


@JonahTheBard Thanks so much for responding. It makes sense they’d have the same drop rate but, and as you pointed out on imbalance, I’m sitting on zero dblades but 12 tomes… :thinking:

Some people in my alliance have several of one item, but none of another…but then for someone else it is the exact opposite.

One thing I have noticed is that there seems to be way less offers/deals that contain the Damascus Blade — the Tome seems to show up a little more often in those.

@LadyAnesthesia You’re definitely right that tomes shows up more often than dblades in offers. I’m sure it’s not actually been that long since a dblade was featured but I just don’t recall a more recent offer that had one. It’s been tomes, tomes, and tomes.

This is a bit tricky, because there are a lot more compasses than gloves as rewards from quests. So the drop rate probably is the same, but the acquisition rate sure isn’t.

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For what it’s worth …I have 7 tomes and 0 dblades. For me, dblade opportunities and drops have always lagged behind tomes

Agree, just now a Grow Your Army offer with tomes, no blades.
Couple weeks ago was the same, an offer with tomes.
I have decided to spend only with dblades from now on anyways, so these tomes are actually a relief to my wallet :wink:
Also sitting on 8 tomes 2 blades

Curious, how so?

20 compasses

I think @Garanwyn meant Events, not Quests.

Before Wonderland was released, there were 4 Compasses and 1 Glove available in completion tier loot across all of the Challenge Events.

Wonderland added yet another Compass, and 2 Gloves. So it’s still imbalanced.


Events are quests. They show up within the “Quests” area :slight_smile:

So it would be fair to say that all events are quests, but not all quests are events.


Ok, Challenge Event Quest…thingies. :face_with_monocle:


Surely this requires some kind of Venn diagram in order to avoid any further confusion.

But ok, conviction quashed on appeal :yum:

Thanks @zephyr1 and it looks like the moderator hat fits well.


Indeed. It’s an interesting Venn diagram. The core problem is that SG has created an umbrella of “quests” which covers everything from Class Trials and Seasonals to the Mine Iron quest.

Since I was trying to aggregate across almost all of those subcategories (Rare Quests, Events, Seasonals), I just went for the more universal, and apparently much more confusing, “quests.”

A fascinating follow-on question would be: what the heck are we doing during the whole Season 1 and Season 2 storylines if not “questing?”

Like so...

Richard: “We have liberated this province from beneath the crushing heel of the Dark Lord. Enjoy your first taste of free air, peasants of Rathwood. Do you have any questions we can answer?”

Peasant: “Thank you most graciously lord! Are you mighty heroes on a quest to rid these lands of the Dark Lord?”

Richard: “Quest? Well…I…wouldn’t sat that, really. It’s more of an interconnected series of missions with a single overarching objective, which we’ve been tasked to complete.”

Peasant: “But mighty hero, isn’t that the very definition of a quest?”

Richard: “You’re pretty quick with the vocabulary lesson for someone whose postgraduate work was in weeding furrows. Maybe stick to agriculture, eh?”

Peasant: “Speaking of that, great lord, I’ve been hoping to find someone who can explain how it is that our farms have windmills and no pigs, and yet produce ham. It’s especially odd since all we ever plant is wheat. Can you help me understand this, O wise and powerful master of the Cloud Hammer?”

Richard: “Hey, that’s a great question, and I’m really glad you asked me that. See, it’s like… what’s that Vivica? There’s a titan ravaging the uninhabited mountains at the center of these lands? Gadzooks! Look fella, I’d love to stay and chat about ham, but that titan is a menace that needs to be ended.”

Peasant: “But my lord, it’s hundreds of miles from even our most far-flung settlements. All they ever seem to do is sit there like boxers on weigh-in day. Perhaps if you left it alone, it would simply go away. Within the next 24 hours, mayhap?”

Richard: “Ok, %$^% this. I’m out. This right here is why you should never do a Q&A.”


Well one man’s quest is another man’s invasion/pillaging/globalization…

Are we the baddies
Season Two - Colonial Propaganda?

But I’m getting way off topic.

Happy questing for tomes and blades everyone


This so Holy Grail


@Garanwyn this was so droll. Please flex your creative muscles more often.

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Balance is something that is far to happen to my life inventory.
Damascus Blade is too difficult to get. On the other hand I can get compass and gloves to the dozens.
I could ascend at least 5 heroes, if there were any balance between DB and Tomes!

I too often hear people are short gloves and blades. That’s me, gloves and blades are unobtainium! Compasses and tomes? No problemo!

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