Are all the season 2 provinces open now?

I’m in 14, just wondering if all 24 are open yet? I see the city coming up from the water.

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No, next 3 open in 14 days. Once a month 3 more open up.

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So where does it currently end? I’m just about to finish 13

That is what I’m trying to find out also…what is the max province at this point.


I think, based upon the trends, the last of the provinces will open up in March, to equal 24 in-all.

Province 15 is the last one currently open.


I think there are. 27 provinces I fear you look at the map there are some in the whirlpool I am thinking

Thanks, that is what I was looking for…

What team are you using to do the hard levels? I’m on 14 on easy and I’m finding it’s taking a lot of minor items like arrows, axes and up to 14 now bombs to get through the EASY version of it.

I’m using Grimm maxed, vivica 3/70, Sartana maxed, Joon 3/70, and Evelyn 3/57


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So far, I’ve been able to finish Province 15 on hard with this team (all maxed except for Elena who is 3^70):

Tiburtus - Kiril - Elena - Vivica - Gregorion

For levels where I need dispelling against the boss, I use Caedmon in place of Greg. Items consist of Axes, Antidotes, Minor Healing Potions, and Minor Mana Potions.

Elena is the key to my progress, actually, since riposte deals absolutely massive damage to the strong AOE bosses in the upper provinces.

I’ve been using Boldtusk, Melendor, Proteus, and Rigard as my base, along with Guardian Falcon, Hu Tao, Grimm, or Tiburtus as the 5th, depending on the prevalent enemy and boss colors for the level.

Using that combination I haven’t needed more than minor healing potions and mana potions on most levels, and often haven’t needed any items at all. For one or two levels where I got particularly bad boards for an extended period, I also used an axe or two to buy myself a little time for changing up the board.

The end of Province 15 is noticeably more difficult than early Season 2, so I assume at some point along the way I’ll need some stronger heroes. But Proteus and a lot of healing power are a potent mix.

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I’m using maxed Sabina, Kiril, Gormek, Chao, and a 3/70 Lianns. Because of the 2 healers i dont even usually need health pots. But I’ve only worked though easy.
Sorry i didn’t immediately answer about how many levels was available yet.
Good luck

I always use different heroes depending on the mobs’ colours and the special attack(s) the boss(es) fire at me. It’s usually a mix of trainable 4* and 5* heroes (except for Proteus whose Mana block is just awesome). 1 healer for easy mode, 2 healers for hard mode. Usually also an attack reducer (Skittleskull or Scarlett) for hard mode. Never needed any items except for small heal potions, antidotes and an occasional spear or axe attack or small mana potion to beat the hard levels.

BTW 9/10 hard is currently the level with the highest mob and boss HP. Easy mode gets increasingly harder (mob and boss HP almost doubled from P1 to P15) while in hard mode the increase is almost not noticeable.


I use Joon, Marjana, Magni, Lianna and Rigard all maxed.
If Rigard doesn’t charge up in time it can be a little tricky sometimes. But most of the times it’s not too bad

The levels are definitely getting harder. My basic farming team can handle everything well, but I wouldn’t trust auto-farming on Hard levels.

Gravemaker - Zeline - Khiona - Athena - Delilah

For Hard levels in provinces 9+ I have been adjusting the lineup to counter the mobs/bosses.