Are all 5s the same exp?

So I finished dark lord and that felt like it took forever in his final ascension. I brought marjana to final and she seems to be leveling faster then lord did. Are the newer heros more costly to max or are they all the same?

There’s been no announced changes and nothing in beta so I don’t believe there’s been any change.

Maybe you’ve got a better supply of feeders or you just wanted Dark Lord more!

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i swear when I get my heroes to 4/50 I only get 1* feeders from farming and my TCs. I think it knows that I have a 5* in progress

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This has been confirmed by multiple sources that TC 11 for example gives out 1 and 2 stars at almost exactly 50/50. It is the same for everyone, I personally used to think it was rigged against me but it was just confirmation bias.


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