Are 5 star in Atlantis one time offer or they will return later? What about old HOTMs, one time or?

Atlantis will get back each month, that we all understood.

However, in the release info it’s said ‘new legendary heroes’ each month. But nowhere is to be found what happens next month with this month Atlantis legendary heroes.

From all I’ve managed to gather, it seems like it will be one time offer for the Atlantis 5 stars.

I think 3 and 4 stars will keep coming back all the time, but let’s be sure about them as well, what’s their situation?

@Petri avoided explicit questions about that several times, maybe it was misunderstanding, however, I think it should be cleared up now, since it wasn’t clear before it started.

All that I’ve found so far can be interpreted as - one time offer:

This last one is even more confusing :rofl:

Does anyone have some other information from SG that was buried in all this posts around, or can someone finally say how things are?

@Rook can you maybe point out this issue so it’s not missed?

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I think they mean any 5* Atlantis hero will be rotating each month.

In regards to his last comment, for example this month we have Misandra and Tarlak, plus Perseus and Hel.

At least this is how I interpret it. :woman_shrugging:

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From the mass summon results post, it seems like Atlantis Summons being up will not take away chances at normal HOTM (e.g. Drake for August) as players seem to have been reporting still getting him.

My interpretation is that we might have seen most if not all the 3* and 4* Atlantean Heroes, and thus far only 2 Legendary have been seen, it sounds like when next time Atlantis Summons comes around next Month, we see 2 more Legendary Atlanteans and 2 other past HOTM.

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I see that using HOTM for Atlantis completely confuses people :rofl:

Old HOTM and current HOTM isn’t question now, that’s been cleared up - current HOTM is available.

So let me rewrite - from all I’ve read it seems that 5 star atlantis heroes will be just offered once.

In that sense, they behave and become effectively “atlantis hotm” - rare creatures you see once month, and never again - as old HOTM were before reappearing now in the atlantis summon.

Actually, even more rare - since the atlantis summon will be available only for few days each month.

@Ninjanico that would be nice to get confirmation, only thing so far was - each month new legendary. Great. What happens to the seen ones? Will they really be rotating or not :thinking:

That question doesn’t have clear answer.

Or put it simpler - will we see Tarlak again, or who caught it in this 3 days, that’s it?

And also, what about old HOTMs, same stuff - will they cycle or now we see Hel and again never again?

I think the best/easiest way is to compare it to Event summons since we only get them for few days each month. I’m sure there will be some red,yellow,purple 5* to come and maybe at the same time old HOTMs.

We will probably see Tarlak and Misandra again, but it could be 3 months from now if they want to rotate the other colours in imho.

But this is all speculation on my part. Need @Petri to clarify please! :pray:

I’d like to see clarification on this too. I took it to mean old HOTM will change each month, and that Misandra and Tarlak will always be available.

I think we will see 5* heroes from each Family and then Tarlak and Misandra most likely will be back. I don’t think that Tarlak is available just now and then never ever again.

I agree @Builderbooo. In beta there are only three Season 2 5* heroes currently, so I was puzzled by what Petri meant by saying they’d cycle through them. That’s a pretty tight cycle! My guess is that they are planning on releasing some new Season 2 5* heroes as more provinces get opened, so we will likely see additional heroes.

But my understanding is that we will see Tarlak and Misandra again.

For the record, it’s NOT obvious we will see Hel again. If the portal always has the HotM from 14 months and 8 months prior, then we’ll see Perseus again in six months (when he is the 14-month hero) but not Hel.

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This was how I saw it.

And as they probably rotate S2 5* each month for example of 6 months to roll them all out, I would hope then the 7th month all the 5* S2 heroes would be available in one summon or another.

I think the slow release is kinda cool, not completely sure why, I suspect to keep interest and steady cash flow each month, instead of record profit 1st month into nosedive…idk

Both will return later at some point for the Season 2 Atlantis Summon Events but no promises when exactly. But both 5 star Atlantis heroes and previous HotM will change monthly.

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@Petri I don’t mid you doing that. It’s another form of special events. Cool. Take the money.

What I do mind though is not adding anything to TC, not adding Tarlak 5* alternative for the common folks to fight titans with.

Or at least the silence from your part regarding this vital game scenario.

And what about the Atlantis summons odds? You say 3x, the actual data shown portraits exactly the reverse. Why is that?


Hi Petri - Is Tarlak returning anytime soon to be summoned? Maybe next month?

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